The Bone Ya Gotta’ Have

“Breeze” was a delight… Wherever she went, people were refreshed and their burdens became light because she always carried “Grace” with her.

“Breeze” was born on an extremely hot day when hard toil had taken over the land of “Sin and Sorrow.” Every man knew what it was to be heavy burdened because of having to earn a living by the sweat of his brow. Troubled times were his lot, but the One whose compassion was great, had conceived not only “Breeze” in His heart, but many other balms that would ease the lives of the heavy burdened ones. A day was destined to come when each man would fully awaken and realize that he needed no outside force to sustain and bless him, but in the meantime, “Breeze” was ordained to bless man. It would be after “Breeze” did her refreshing work, that the “Secret of the “Dog Bone” would be revealed and then the awakening would begin.

The first one who “Breeze” was assigned to visit with her refreshing wind was called “Bowed Down Low.” He was so low in his spirit he could hardly get out of bed, but he would force himself to face the blazing hot sun and do his job because he had many children dependent upon him. With sweat pouring down his face that drenched his entire body, this bent over one began the day “Breeze” came along. Dogs barked at him and one with a demon that inhabited him gnarled with vicious intent, but the angels assigned to protect “Bowed Down” prevented him from being harmed.

The day was extremely hot when “Breeze” stirred herself up to come to him, not only with a heavenly wind, but with a fragrance that would change his life… even the fragrance of the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. When this lovely aroma was smelled, a miracle took place and a desire for something better and greater was born. And so it was on this very day, the hardest day of his life, “Bowed Down” knew what it was for a breeze to take him to heaven.

Oh what power “Breeze” and “Grace” had! Wherever they went, the fragrance of love they brought with them melted hearts. With whirling, dancing “Grace” accompanying Him, “Breeze” blew kisses on “Bowed Down,” and it was through those kisses he was able to lift up his head and stand erect. Even though the day was intensely hot, the rays of heat did not penetrate him, and he felt alive like he had never been before. The gentle wind brought a butterfly with it named “Secret” that rested on his shoulder. As he worked, she told him her secrets, and oh what marvelous secrets they were!

On a day when the vicious dog named “Hate” intended to get him unaware, “Secret” instructed the no longer bowed down one to take a meaty bone with him that had been left over from a previous meal. He had learned that “Secret” was very wise, so he didn’t question her instruction, but thought to himself that he was going to need to eat more than that for his lunch.

“Secret,” knowing what he was thinking, responded to the thought: “You need to fast today. The bone is not for you, but for your enemy… Only through through fasting can you subdue the fierce one you meet today.” …. And it was so, because the bone had the meat of God’s word on it. God’s will could be and was done through the fast and through the dog eating the meat. And best of all, “Bowed Down” was to learn the “ultimate secret” that would change everything in his life and cause his name to be changed to “Cheer.” This one day of fasting led him into “The Chosen Fast.” which was not just a fast from food, but a fast from everything that was not like God and a doing everything that was the will of Him Who is “Love.”

Ah, when that is learned by all God’s children, dogs and demons don’t have a chance! Truly, “when a man’s ways please the Lord, he makes even his enemies to be at peace with him.” Proverbs 16: 7

Have you learned this yet? If so, come on now: “Give a dog a bone!”

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