The Marked Ones Shall Reign

“Heady” couldn’t understand why her head was spinning. She had been taught by the Lord and knew the scriptures well. Everyone in the land of Christendom heralded her as a great one. She was a leader and sat on the throne ruling over all the hypocrites and her kingdom was vast…. It covered all the earth.

There were those within her kingdom who were marked-… a small, unusual group of people, born out of wedlock… Unacceptable from birth, they were shunned by the self-righteous ones and that was everyone except the marked ones who had a curse upon them.

Their own mothers hated them and their fathers were nowhere to be found. Everyone with the mark was made a slave having to live in a compound separate from the others. They had no formal schooling, except unknown to the people of the land, they were taught God’s wisdom and knowledge by Shem, an invisible teacher from on High who was sent to all the downtrodden.

Each one who had the mark had the secret name of a jewel that no one knew… even they were unaware of their names, but Shem knew all of them and taught each accordingly. They began their lives likened unto black pieces of coal because of the curse… The pressures and tribulations that came because they were outcasts were what would cause hypocrisy not to cling to them. They had nothing and were nothing in the sight of man, but the Host of Heaven had high regard for them because they knew what they would become.

“Heady,” the sovereign queen of the land, was a great mixture of the teachings of the Lord and the teachings of man and religion. For a long period of time, she had the upper hand because the wisdom of the Lord combined with other wisdom made her a giant. All bowed down to her because of her size which towered over them.

Although the marked ones in captivity initially were very afraid of her, Shem’s teaching to fear only God was getting instilled in them and as they grew they were beginning to fear no man. Shem instructed them to honor “Heady” and every man, but not to fear them, so consequently their hearts became larger than their heads, which was opposite of all the other inhabitants of the land whose hearts were continually diminishing with some having no hearts at all. The ones who came into such a state had to have a mechanical device installed that took the place of the hearts which did everything a normal heart would do, but without feeling.

Christendom was a barren place with no fruit of the spirit growing there at all… Plastic fruit that looked beautiful could be seen everywhere one looked, but the people ate only dust that was mixed in with a substance called “false holiness.” No one had the dew of youth or the blush of health on their faces, with all bent over from carrying a heavy load of pride. They loved the superior feelings they had as they looked down on those who were born out of wedlock taking extreme pleasure in shaming them. 

What they did not know was that the first would be last and the last would be first… that the weak would be strong and that the strong were already weak…. that those who were high would be brought low, and that the low would be raised high in due time. 

Truly, all that which was a disadvantage, was in disguise an advantage. There was no way that they could know this UNTIL the appointed time and “Queen Heady” was having hers now. Her kingdom was in an uproar, just like her head and she was losing control.

The trumpets were sounding one after another: “The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord!” they bellowed and with the progressive decrees, “Heady”’s kingdom fell apart before her very eyes. The fires of God’s judgment had come.

“Hear ye! Hear ye!” the host of heaven announced: “No mixture will remain in God’s people. All hypocrites are now commanded to repent or leave the land. “Christendom”’s name shall be obliterated, for only true Jews, not Christian hypocrites, can dwell in the “Kingdom of Joy, Peace and Righteousness.” The Bride of Christ shall reign, not the high-minded one who has ruled so long.

“Heady” screamed “No, no, NO!” as her head felt that it would burst wide open. All in the land were in turmoil running hither and thither. There was no place to hide except, lo and behold, a refuge was being prepared in the midst of them. The ones with the mark were raised up as fully polished shining gems with angels bringing them forth to place them in three giant shields that formed one structure. The three as one looked like a tent with a door at the bottom of it and the name “Shield of Faith” could be seen written in the sky above it. Anyone who entered the door, the Lord Jesus Christ, could not only be safe, but could dwell in unlimited, forever expanding life.

“How could it be that ones born in shame could be the ones who would form the canopy of love. even the shield of faith that would cover and protect all?” 

The gentle voice within every man answered the question all had: “Every generated man since Adam has unknowingly been born out of wedlock. Only the new regenerated man is the true heir born of noble birth!”

And with the answer came great light beaming on everyone who had repented and had become regenerated. A crashing roll of thunder exploded with God’s loud voice proclaiming:“ They are MINE now and theirs is the kingdom!

Their time has come!”

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