How The Stars Were Born

The smile on the star’s face was brighter than the star itself. It had not always been that way because “Beholden to Another” had been bewitched. Her name was a proclamation to all the world of what happens when someone has a place in the heart that is only meant for God. Truly, the relationship is destined for slavery and sorrow and a life that can never rise to the height of perfection. There is no way that one can master self when allegiance is not to the Lord…The idolatrous one is destined to be earth bound and obligated to do the will of the one she idolizes. That idolized one can be someone who would never intend to hurt another, but will most certainly do so because idolatry always pushes people to do what they would not ordinarily do. Sorrow, pain and brokenness result in the end.

How “Beholden to Another” tried to please and win the love of this one who she idolized. At first, love seemed to flourish, but then like a beautiful flower that received too much sunshine and no rain, death came. Her beloved lost interest in her and didn’t treat her well after his love waned. It was the Lord’s doing that their hearts did not knit together because only pure hearts are destined to be fulfilled in love.

When the one she desired whose name “Kind and Tender” was changed to “Selfish One”, “Beholden to Another” became full of anger and her face turned into a very ugly one that repulsed him. A witchcraft curse passed down in the family line went into effect in that moment and “Control”, an evil spirit, overtook her. Many, many problems ensued that tore her heart apart fragmenting it into many pieces.

That was when “Beholden” decided she’d be beholden no more… She forgot the word of the Lord and all His instructions to do good, not hold a grudge, be meek and to bless, not curse. A smile was no longer on her face… It had fallen to the ground and now there was only a gaping hole for her mouth. She would be nobody’s princess like that! 

Fortunately a life-loving rabbit whose name was “Promise” appeared out of nowhere and pointed to her mouth that was lying on the ground. “Without a mouth,” he sternly told her, “you will surely die! Foolish woman, no man is worth losing your mouth. Get hold of yourself! You are beholden to that man to do right, not be a slave to him!” The words of the rabbit stunned “Beholden.” It was like she had been asleep for a long time and a sharp clarion call was now sounding in her ear.

“Do right?! What she mean?” “Beholden” frantically thought afraid of what would become of her.

“Promise” read her thoughts and admonished her: “You, if you truly are a princess of the Most High, will love with no expectations. You have loved for the purpose of that love being returned to satisfy your lust. That is NOT love! The name you bear “Beholden to Another” must be changed… In order for that to happen you will have to go through the fire seven times until you understand what it means to “owe no man nothing, except to love one another.”… You have been like Eve who was bewitched by the serpent and have been under the same curse, but now is the time for that curse to be broken off you. Now is the time to be fully satisfied in the Lord, and not in a man.

I have been sent to you with a most important lesson for you to learn: It will be through your believing the promises of God that your heart shall be made right… Come follow me and I will lead you into the “New Eden.”

“Promise” did a “hippity hop, hop” dance and sang a song to “Beholden”: “Ya gotta love, love, love and pick up your cross: Get eyes on the one above and don’t think of your loss. You will find true love in your heart. Just leave it up to God and do your part. Bow low, be merciful and be kind, Be gentle, be forgiving and never you mind the injustices in the past or the words spoken to you; Then your love will surely last and all of your dreams come true.”

“Promise”’s eyes twinkled as she sang and light beams went into “Beholden”’s eyes and heart as well. Her mouth rose up from the ground through “Promise”’s command and filled the hole where it once had been. The renewed mouth had a divine connection to the spirit-man within and because love had found a permanent place in her heart, only words of life could be spoken by it.

Oh the wonder!; “Beholden” had been changed into a new person finding her true self in the garden of Eden within. A company of dancing angels surrounded her, all with one voice proclaiming: “Love is reigning, the night is passed. the kingdom is gaining a new star at last.”

Light burst everywhere as the day star rose in “Beholden”’s heart and as she ascended high in the sky to shine on all men everywhere. Through her new name “Beholding Love,” and out of her perfected mouth and beaming smile came the message: “You can be like me: Love, love, love and you will be free!”

And THAT is how all stars were born!

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