This morning upon arising, I heard the word “Carumba”! Truly our “Carumba-Day” is at hand! Praises need to be shouted to the “Most High God” BEFORE we see the manifestation of what we’ve hoped and prayed for… even the perfect man grown up into the stature of the fulness of Christ. There’ll be no greater “Carumba” shout than that then!

Yesterday before getting out of bed, the Lord spoke these words to me: “Celebrate yourself today, Michele Renee!” You may be thinking that God doesn’t want us to celebrate “self,” and you’re right if it’s the self that’s flesh, but He does want us to celebrate and have joy in the “new man,” even Christ who is our true identity. Each one of our given names is a description of who we individually are in the Spirit, so God was telling me to celebrate “godliness” (Michele) and “joy and renewal… even rebirth” (Renee) coming forth in me. This is more than an “I’m okay” mentality. It’s delighting in who I am in Him. I love the scripture that tells us that we are partakers of the divine nature, by BELIEVING! (2 Peter 1:4)

I don’t know about you, but I have spent far too long looking at my weaknesses, faults, shortcomings, and sins. All of them are as far as the east is from the west in God’s sight, and it’s time that’s so for us, too. Yay, it’s time to celebrate with “carumba-ism” that this is true and that we really are glorious, awe-inspiring, beautiful and desirable to our bridegroom!!

In writing this, my attention was drawn to the 400 virgins who danced at the tabernacle festival in Shiloh. Think of it: The whole tribe of Benjamin almost became non-existent because they refused to do what they should have when great injustice had taken place. They did not hate evil… They did not have the fear the Lord in them, but God had a marvelous destiny in store for those CELEBRATING virgins and now for the virgins today who follow the Lord wheresoever He leads.

We’re seeing two destinies pictured for us in this story-… celebration and joy for ones who are pure and death and mourning for those who are not. Indeed, the virgins in Shiloh had cause to celebrate: Right hand power and a better inheritance was theirs and so it shall be for those of us who come into divine union.

Some years ago, God instructed me and another believer I knew well to celebrate each other. I could see the beauty in her, but at that time, my eyes had dark sunglasses covering them concerning my own. Everyone of His children has His beauty, but our flesh has been a veil that has covered it and we don’t celebrate ourselves because of it. But hallelujah, through the fear of the Lord, grace, obedience, and through God’s power and Spirit, the flesh is destined to be stripped of all its deadly hold. It’s a given! For those who abide in Him and are pressing on to overcome, the Spirit of God is saying “KNOW who you are! Dance, shout, sing and be free, for where the Spirit of the Lord is, there’s liberty!”

So come on now: Let’s do a Shiloh dance together:…. even the “Carumba-Rumba”!

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