True Greatness

A seed called “Greatness” was in the Heavens and every man’s hand reached to take hold of it. A small child in their midst spoke to them by the unction of the Holy One: “Think and be!” Later, he added: “Think and be and you shall see!” And then,”Think and be- you shall see “Nimrod’s” destiny.”

When this word came to my mind, I didn’t think there was much to it, but we are always enlightened when it is God who gives us something to ponder. I see the entreaty to “think” as being an instruction to put on the mind of Christ… to see (know) as God sees.

When people meet us, how often one of the first questions asked is: “What do you do?”… not “Who are you?” I dare say most people don’t know who they are because their identity has been lost in a lot of “doo doo”!

The Word of God instructs us to become as little children who are not self-conscious, but “life” conscious. Children live in the moment and are comfortable being who they are. Yea! Hear the child inside you saying: “Just BE” and “Be still and know God is God”,… not you or men!”

Truly, if we do this, we shall see Nimrod’s destiny”… We shall get a good look at the consequences of those who obtain a great name for themselves through grasping for fame, wealth, power and all that this world ascribes to greatness…. ones like Nimrod who was the founder of Babel.”

Through the activation of the mind of Christ in us and being real, we’ll have an understanding of not just the right hand of God (His blessings) but the left hand of God (His severity) in dealing with wickedness. We are to see clearly and have the fear of the Lord to keep us from being judged. Truly, all who are like Nimrod and great in their own eyes having practiced much wickedness to gain their power, wealth and fame will find themselves in confusion and then judged.

So I ask those of you who dwell in religious Babylon with all your high titles of Reverend, Doctor, Apostle, Bishop and more: Do you not know that Jesus would not even allow Himself to be called Rabbi (teacher)? Today the religious world is offering doctorate degrees without the people having the required years of education to earn them…. These degrees are like the money the Federal Reserves manufactures without gold behind it to establish a worth that is solid and of true value. The doctorates and other pretentious titles are not of God (not gold backed) but are the magnification of the hypocrisy of Pharisaical people who only want glory for themselves.

Nimrod and those like him represent lawless ones… ones who take lordship over the brethren … ones who come into rulership because of their gifts used for show that make them appear as mighty ones….ones who will hunt down God’s people and kill the Word that’s in then if allegiance is given to them instead of to the Christ within.

The Bible says to come out of Babylon who is one who had her beginnings in Nimrod. How many are fooled into believing Babylon is the true church, but the voice of the bridegroom is not heard in her.” Because gaining money, power and a name for herself are the motivations behind all her works, religious Babylon is called the “Great Harlot”. Her greatness is like fake jewels and the false doctorate degrees she gives, not the true greatness that comes from a life dedicated to doing the will of God… a life of loving God and man.

So let us listen well now to the voice of that little child instructing us to think, be and see Nimrod’s destiny. May none of us be found in the whore who has deceived the whole world, for if we remain in Babylon, her destiny will be ours, too… even Nimrod’s destiny!

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