Mothers Named Mercy

“Nonchalant” had many troubles because, well, she was nonchalant. She was this way because of controlling parents in her life so the things that she did did not come from her own heart and volition. “Nonchalant” had no joy that her problem was a result of a controlling spirit passed down through the generations. Due to her parents enabling her by assuming most of her responsibilities, she had not yet become her own person.

A butterfly called “Agitation” flapped her wings but did not ascend because she was not called to fly: She was called to be her name. The wind of her wings was ordained to bring forth the agitation necessary to bring change to “Nonchalant”.

“Nonchalant” knew that her name was going to be “Mercy”, but before her transformation could come, one more thing had to be done- Obedience had to be learned and this would come through a word and touch of God’s grace imparted by a fairy godmother called “Reckoning”. “Reckon yourself dead to sin and alive unto Christ” was her vital message to “Nonchalant” that unless done, she would remain nonchalant and disobedient.

And so the butterfly continued to remain on “Nonchalant” shoulder flapping her wings to bring the agitation necessary until the reckoning took place… until “Mercy”, the starlight in the fairy godmother’s rod became the transforming power, even the word of life bringing the new nature the world and “Nonchalant” needed.

“Behold a New Day – a Day of light and bright burning fire that is called “The Transformation” is at the door for all who reckon themselves dead to sin and alive unto Christ… for all who become “Mercy”, the energizing power to do good and to bring peace to the world.”

Yes, fairy godmothers are real – They are the ascended mothers who live in another realm (the realm of good words) that are unseen by the naked eye… Mothers who call forth the things that are not as though they were… Mothers who feed their spiritual children with the breath of life… Mothers that are unafraid of words like “fairies” for they know that darkness is the same as light… they know that it is all in the eye of the beholder and in the power of their tongues.

Behold the Word of the Living One Who decrees: “Nothing shall hurt you for you have the power to make all things new – You are your Father’s children born to become great compassionate mothers… Yes, even fairy godmothers through the light of the rod.

Are you looking up? Are you coming now to set the world aflame? 🔥

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