The Door Of Offense

I wonder how many realize that the way we deal with offense makes or breaks us? The Word of the Lord states that God hides His treasures in darkness, (Isaiah 45: 3) and what could be darker than offense? A lot of hurt can come from it unless we know that it can work for our good and does for all who put their trust in El Elyon, the Most High God Who rules in our affairs…. They are the ones of whom it shall be said: “Nothing will offend them!” Do you believe that nothing means NOTHING? I do, because In my later years I have found rare treasures in the most unlikely people. I can almost say: “Goodie! Goodie!” when offenses come now. I use the word “almost,” because it usually takes me a few moments after the shock to put righteousness on like a gold breastplate that keeps me in love’s power.

Now I want to draw your attention to an amazing testimony of Win Worley, a famous minister known for the casting out of demons: He had been used mightily in soul-winning, as well as in preaching the baptism of the Holy Ghost, and when he began learning about casting out of devils, the devil actually appeared to him. I don’t remember the exact words that the devil said, but it was basically that he wouldn’t bother Win Worley concerning the baptism or salvation messages. In fact he let Win know that he would let his ministry multiply, even allow many churches to flourish, but warned him not to preach about casting out devils. Think of what Jesus said when he was accused of casting out demons by Beelzebub: He told those accusers that by His doing it, THE KINGDOM OF GOD had come. And what is the kingdom of God, but peace, joy and righteousness within, which is impossible to have without casting out spirits. Oh brethren, many believe Christians can’t have them, but that’s not true. Christians are the only ones able to keep seven more devils from coming in after deliverance, (Matthew 12: 45) because they, not unbelievers, have the Holy Ghost in them to prevent it. Demons can NOT be in our spirit, but they most definitely can inhabit our souls and minds.

The Bible plainly states that we are not wrestling with flesh and blood, and it is my belief that until discernment is strong in our lives, we are not going to have peace, joy and righteousness, and will cause a lack of peace and worse in others because we won’t be handling situations rightly. This, coupled with our own ways that are not like God’s, are what causes all our troubles. So many of us charge in like a heavy weight elephant trying to stomp the truth we know into others, or we react like a bull to a red flag when offense comes to us. Yes, I’ve been served truth like a gruff waitress slapping a meal on the table, and I’ve done the same thing, but that food just may be just the nourishment that is needed.

I can’t tell you how grateful I am for those who have covered me with love, allowing peace to come like a gentle rain washing away my offenses. We ALL have a treasure in us waiting for others to find, and when we look past the offense, “we get it,” so don’t slam the door on the one who has offended you. Who could have known that by looking at offense differently, we’d be answering the Lord’s prayer that we be one?: Ah He, Himself, Who turns black doors into gold ones!

Aren’t you glad?

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  1. Amen. Offense from Christ is always good. We just don’t know how much we don’t know. The light of Christ is meant forus to know that we can know, and we also will react in one way or another (John 3:16-21).

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