The Cave Of Treasures

When God said: “Seek,” He was letting us know that there are treasures to be “mined,”…. Yay, “word-wonders” to be found in dark places, even in the depths of our being, waiting for us to find them. These treasures are likened to gold veins: Just as we need blood to flow through our veins, we need nuggets of truth to be discovered and mined out of the veins in the cave of treasures deep within us.

A year or two ago, a brother had a dream of a cave that had a bridal chamber, and I was preparing myself to be a bride in it. By God’s grace, I’ve been getting ready. In the “Book of Adam and Eve,” it’s recorded that God commanded them to dwell in the “Cave of Treasures” which was below the garden. Oh brethren, I’ve spiritually been in that cave, and it’s been glorious, for it is there that I’ve discovered truths that have been setting me free. Look at what is relayed in the Forgotten Books of Eden about what took place in that cave:

What treasures God has hidden in our cave that He shows us at appointed times. It is not by chance that during this Christmas season, He is revealing the deeper meaning of the gold, frankincense and myrrh that the wise men brought to Jesus. In these verses we see the wisest One of all, God Himself, giving them to Adam, so can you see this as a type and shadow of what is to be ours?

I am drawing attention specifically now to the gold, which we are called to buy. So how do we do it, eh? Our Spirit, which is described in Proverbs 20: 27 as “the candle of the Lord,” has to go down deep to search the innermost part of our being to find it, and then the gold has to be mined. I see our inner being likened to a cave of treasures, because it’s there where the divine exchange takes place…. It’s there where we get the substance to buy the truth, and only those with “lit” candles can do it…. Yay, just as light is needed to extract literal gold, only by the light of revelation can we get the spiritual gold we need.

God told Adam that “the gold was to shed light over him by night.” Oh yes, it’s light we need to illuminate us when we are in darkness of understanding (the night,) but we, our spirit joined with the Lord’s, have to do the inner work of mining. Every time we acknowledge our ways that are not like His, and then repent by doing what’s right, we are buying the gold.

The kingdom of God is peace, joy and righteousness and it’s within, eh? In Chapter 31: 2 in the Book of Adam and Eve, it’s revealed that “the gold is a token of God’s kingdom.” Understand that now is the time to “get the gold,” so get ready, get ready, get ready!

Wise men are coming, and you:… Yes, YOU are called to be one of them!

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