To All Who Want God’s Power

This is my vision,… even the vision that will carry me through unto the end: I saw myself clinging to a cross and kissed, kissed and kissed it over and over again.  Oh what a blessing to embrace the message it conveys.

Every Christian loves and deeply values the cross of Jesus Christ, but what about the one each of us is called to carry? Do we see all our sufferings as coming only from the devil? Oh yes, Satan is involved, just as when he stirred up Joseph’s brothers to do the evil they did, but God said that while they meant it for evil, He meant it for good. Hear it: HE played a part in it!!! Who was it that instigated the devil to touch Job? It wasn’t the devil’s idea, but God’s as He asked him: “Have you considered Job?: There’s none like Him.”

How many understand why God allows the trials, troubles, heartaches and crushings they’ve been through to come and that are still coming? Brethren, know that we can never make it into the kingdom without them. Yay, it is with MUCH tribulation we’ll enter in! There’s no other way, because without the devil playing his part as the waster who destroys, we would remain just as we are…. Think of it: Job was an honorable and moral man that God bragged on, but no flesh, no matter how good it is, can enter the Kingdom of God. It takes many days and many years of crises one after another, to prepare us for it. We’ve had many enemies, but God said that He raised up Pharaoh to show His power: HE did that, NOT the devil, and He has raised the ones who have come against us for this very purpose.

How we view the negative things in our lives, will make or break us. God’s strength is made perfect in weakness and Paul said that he gloried in his infirmities that the POWER OF CHRIST would rest upon him. In order to have that power, you and I must be like Paul who took PLEASURE in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, and in distresses. How many take pleasure in these things? Is the answer to this why the question was asked in Luke 18: 8: “When He comes, will He find faith?” Oh to be like Job!…. He had a good end, and yours and mine shall be too, if we not only endure until the end, but if we take pleasure in all the tribulations that get us there.

Oh come on people of God: Kiss the cross you’re called to bear! It’s time this world sees the power and glory of God demonstrated through His people who are weak,….

but strong!

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  1. So true. Challenges have always been and always will be. And yes, God is the one who called the devil and told him to look at Job. So in many ways, the troubles we face may be challenges from God. It’s surely time to kiss and embrace the cross.

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    • What an encouragement your comment is! I hadn’t thought of our troubles as challenges from God, but yes, every one of them is saying: “Are we going to trust Him? Are we going to believe His Word?” Thank God you are one who seeking to understand His ways Kevin, and are following Him, loving Him and receiving His wisdom. Our Father rejoices over you, and me, too!
      Blessings and love,

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  2. It is through our adversity we grow mentally and spiritually not by being snowflakes and worshipping wokism. Joseph- Anthony a son of Jehovah


    • That’s a good point that adversity makes us grow. I never heard it taught that one of the names of God is “Jehovah Makkeh” (the God who smites.) David Wilkerson brought this out in His book “Knowing God By Name” in which he wrote: “Jehovah Makkeh says to us: “ I’ve got to discipline you in order to correct your ways. Otherwise, you are headed for tragedy.” Would to God that all His people realized that this is one of His names and rejoice in the correction that leads to righteousness being established in us. I’m thankful that you are “woke” about this, and not into “wokism” in the wrong way.
      God bless you for adding your thoughts, Joseph. I so much appreciate your taking the time to share them.
      Much love with appreciation of your life in Christ,


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