A Foot Washing Call

The first thing yesterday, the Lord said: “I’m going to establish you in greatness today!” There was a day I once would have thought: “Hallelujah! My name is going up in lights! Now the world will know what a wonderfully gifted person I am.” I can picture myself going around everywhere singing “How great I am,” but you and I know that the Lord’s idea of greatness and ours is as far as the south pole is from the north pole…. To Him the lower we get, the higher we are. Oh that carnal man thinks he’s a lot more than he is!

We gotta’ bend low to be become great and it seems that today, I have been initiated into God’s “Feet Washing” business with the feet of the “to be redeemed” ones to wash. Are you willing and ready to partner in it? You’re probably as reluctant as I am, but if we don’t do it, there won’t be a “Feet Company” to lead people to “Love, Forgiveness, and Wholeness,”…. the land of the free.

I presently have someone in my life whose stinky, smelly feet would not be washed were it left up to me, but you know the Lord pointed them out to me with His huge finger of deliverance and said “Behold the appointed feet for your greatness!”

God told Daniel Bennett, a teacher at Charis Bible College: “The only time you get frustrated at people is when you see them as equals. I called you not to see people as equals, but called you to always see yourself as serving them, and if you see yourself as serving them, not expecting anything in return, then you’ll appreciate what you get in return, not demanding it.” I heard this message today after I took a break from writing this post and I have to confess, I’ve always thought seeing people as equals was what we were supposed to do. No wonder we get frustrated and disappointed.

A long time ago I had a friend who constantly told me: “Don’t expect anything!” and I couldn’t hear him. I thought: “You’re wrong! It’s right to expect others to keep their word, for parents to train their children, for people to do their work, and the list goes on about all the things that indeed are right to do…. BUT reality is that people don’t always do what’s right, and when they don’t, are we going to go ballistic or or we going to remember that first, we’re a servant to God, and next a servant to them? It doesn’t mean we overlook irresponsibility and wrongdoing: It means we seek God to reveal His way and thoughts to us in the situations we face, which could involve loving confrontation, but not necessarily. And it seems after that, there’s a good possibility that we’ll be hearing Jesus say: “Behold your feat,” and given a wash basin and towel to accomplish it. .

Jesus told Saul: “It’s hard for thee to kick against the pricks!” Notice that He didn’t tell Saul that it was hard for Him (Jesus), but that it was hard for Saul. When people do wrong it’s hard for THEM, and we’re to realize that OUR part is to “fill up what is lacking in the sufferings that are in Christ Jesus for the sake of His body.” (Romans 5: 12) …. We’re to be full of compassion rendering good for evil.

Brethren, we’re not to have foot in mouth disease which we most definitely will have if we speak our own words. Instead, we’re to get off on the right foot… the foot that runs quickly to do the will of God. Oh yes, foot washing is God’s business and it’s time to put our best foot forward….

a servant’s foot!

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