Recommended Sites

The following recommendations are faithful ministries of the Melchizedek Order Priesthood who have always brought forth the Word of God free of charge.

Preston Eby’s Kingdom Bible Studies of more than 50 years have impacted my life more than any other ministry:…. His revelations on the Book of Revelation expose all the erroneous teachings that most of the body of Christ are listening to today. They are priceless!

Thank you Jackie Caporaso for not only being a faithful minister to the body of Christ, but a woman of integrity that can be depended on to speak the truth no matter what the cost.

Before Elaine Cook went on to be the Lord, her meat and delicious bread were what I fed on for many, many years. What an amazing, sweet smelling fragrance she had and how I miss her!

I have no doubt that these ministries will more than bless you:

Please feel free to subscribe and enjoy the blessings!

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