Category: Allegories

The Kiss

“Heavy” had lived her name for a long time. She was not visibly heavy in her body, but inwardly in her soul because of being a “heavy-fisted one” with herself, and sometimes […]

The Charge

“ “Partition” couldn’t stand herself. She was alone because she was the unwanted child of “Division”, a hateful father who had cast her aside. She had not been conceived in love and […]

The Graduate

“Keep your cap on”, the Angel “First Works” instructed the new graduate with his eyes fixed keenly upon her. Power emanated from this magnificent being with his flashing eyes penetrating light into […]

Yada’s Door

“Good-bye” was hated by everyone except for one named “Enmeshed” who was enmeshed with “Truth”. His name had not always been “Enmeshed”.- Long  ago, his name “Division” had been changed after he […]