Category: Allegories


It was’t long after “Godly” had been given her jewels, the reward for her being “real”, that she embarked on the river of rivers to her destination,… even “the end of time”. […]

Love Like That

“Love Like That” stood on a high mountain, the highest mountain of all called “Coming into Immortality”. Only “Love Like That” could break through the barrier of “Doing As One Pleases”. Her […]

A Name in Zion

“Namby-Pamby” did not like himself. He wanted to be strong, vibrant, vigorous, decisive, courageous, and powerful, but alas, try as he might, he remained “namby-pamby.” One day a temptress named “Seduction” called […]

The Marriage

“Innocence Regained” was fully protected now that the angels placed the seal of victory upon her forehead. Because her love was true, her essence pure and her faith powerful, the seal’s emblem […]

The Prize

“Run, run, run to win the prize! If you don’t run, you won’t get it!” the angel who was called “Early Rising” warned.  “Troubled”, who was always troubled, was this way because […]