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Michele Sperber

When I thought about what God would have me to write on this blog, I heard the Lord say: “Come forward! Step over the line!” As I pondered these words, I realized that we are all unique expressions of God and that we must not... we dare not allow anything but the real us manifest... Indeed, we must step forward as “No longer I, but Christ!” I have been called with a mandate to write and it is especially through allegories that I step over the line. It’s with abandonment and joy that I give expression in my writings to what I’ve learned and assimilated through the trials and suffering I’ve been through... They are even my lifeblood in written form. Truly it takes great tribulation for us to enter new states of being... to come into the place that we have true riches to give to others. This allegory reveals what I hope to be known about me and to be known about you, too:

Nothing in Herself, Yet Somebody


“Megiddo” came in my tongues Revelation 16 is about the great battle WITHIN- Armageddon (the battle among the Kings within us that have ruled us). The sevenfold spirit of God comes into […]


It was’t long after “Godly” had been given her jewels, the reward for her being “real”, that she embarked on the river of rivers to her destination,… even “the end of time”. […]

Love Like That

“Love Like That” stood on a high mountain, the highest mountain of all called “Coming into Immortality”. Only “Love Like That” could break through the barrier of “Doing As One Pleases”. Her […]

A Name in Zion

“Namby-Pamby” did not like himself. He wanted to be strong, vibrant, vigorous, decisive, courageous, and powerful, but alas, try as he might, he remained “namby-pamby.” One day a temptress named “Seduction” called […]