Bring It On!

While praying with a good friend yesterday, the Lord said that He was going to give us food that we had never tasted before. Then He relayed that it was “brain” food, and I saw His hand putting seeds in our minds. I immediately thought of the pineal gland being in the brain and sensed that the brain food (words of life) He was giving us was going to activate it. I remembered a teaching I had heard long ago that when the time came for the completion of our transformation, our pineal gland would secrete a hormone like that of a caterpillar’s in order for it to change into a butterfly. I believe that time is at the door! Truly, the firstfruit company is coming into the full measure of the stature of Christ, and NOW is the beginning of our full transformation/transfiguration being activated. As Kitty and I were praying in the Spirit, I found myself making cooing sounds like those of a dove calling for her Beloved, knowing the time has come for full union. When Jesus was on the mount of transfiguration, Moses and Elijah appeared to Him in the cloud, and likewise when we, the bride made ready, are about to be transfigured, JESUS will appear to us. Just as Jesus was raptured UP, but NOT taken off the earth, so shall it be for us as well. His disciples saw Jesus ONLY after that, and when we shine like the sun due to our transfiguration, JESUS ONLY shall be seen in us.

During these past few weeks over and over and over again, the Holy Spirit shouted: “Tabernacles, tabernacles, tabernacles!”…. “transfiguration”….. and “DAYSTAR” so loud, it was STARtling. Hear it: The daystars sang when heaven and earth were created, and now as the daystar arises in each of the bride’s hearts … .yay, now as she rises up in transfiguration, the daystars shall sing again. The husband (OUR husband) waiteth long for the precious fruit of the earth. (James 5: 7) Indeed, He’s been waiting for “The Feast of Tabernacles” to be spiritually celebrated IN us,…. for us to have ALL the fruit of the spirit ripened to perfection.

Right nowI found myself singing: “Shay-light/do right!” Oh my! The etymology of “shay” leads to “chaise” from “chair” in the sense of “high seat, throne, pulpit.” Oh brethren, when we “do right,” we’re full of light and THEN we get to sit on the throne with the Lord…. THAT’s the position of the Bride,…. even the one who rules her own spirit and does RIGHT! Oh how important righteousness is!! Psalm 89:14 emphatically states that it, along with judgment, are the foundation of God’s throne.

Tell me: Who among us is righteous and can execute the judgments of the Lord? Ah, we shall soon know!!

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