Who Will Be Transfigured?

Jesus asked the people in His day: “Do you think that those eighteen who died when the tower of Siloam fell on them were worse sinners than all the others who dwelt in Jerusalem?” (Luke 13: 4)… I believe that He’s asking us the same question today, but it not’s not about the pool of Siloam.

Brethren, just as our Lord said “Repent!” to the people who heard these words long ago, we also need to see things in the “light” of repentance. Many believe that “to repent” is “to feel sorry,” but not so. The word means to change the way we think which may or may not include being sorry for what we’ve done. So I asked the Lord: “Just WHAT is the reason for such terrible happenings occurring if it isn’t because of people’s wickedness?”

The Lord didn’t answer immediately, but He led me to meditate on the parable which directly followed the question He had asked. In it, the fig tree was given three years to change from its unproductive state into one which would bear fruit. Likewise, we are called to bear the fruit of the Spirit in order to be transFIGured with each being given a specific period of time to do it. The Biblical number three is the number which means “complete,” and for us, it is not literally three years, but the specified period in which the work has opportunity to be completed, and it is not the same amount of time for each person. What has great significance in this teaching is that the tree had to be dunged, and we, who are the trees of His planting, also must be dunged spiritually.

I believe that the biggest temptation that a Christian has does not have to do as much with the “evil” of the knowledge of “good and evil,” as it does with the “good” of it. Paul said that He counted His glorious and wonderful accomplishments as nothing but dung. Oh brethren, it seems to take so long for most of us to drop the good of that forbidden tree to the ground, understanding that all the world has to offer us is but excrement (waste,)….. that all is “vanity and vexation of spirit.” It is this knowledge/revelation that will be used to fertilize us, but if we don’t absorb it, we’ll be cut down just like the fig tree was. Alas, if we do not remove the “good” connected to the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, we’ll not be raised up in the transfiguration experience which requires having the ripened fruit of the Spirit.

So I sought the Lord for a word as to HOW we can stop thinking with our carnal minds which is a prerequisite before our becoming transfigured. All I can say is “Wow!” His answer boomed like thunder in the heavens of my mind, and it was the word: “Ablo,” which means: “I speak!” Indeed, it’s only, ONLY by His Word continually revealed TO us, that we can stop thinking carnally and make true judgments. Also, it’s imperative that they be spoken THROUGH us.

When Jesus died on the cross, yes, yes, yes, judgment (the kind from the carnal mind) was done away with. However, many have concluded that we’re not to judge at all. NOT SO! We’re to execute righteous judgments from the mind of Christ. Look at the prophetic words the Apostle Paul pronounced on Barjesus who was a child of the devil:…. “Behold the HAND OF THE LORD is upon thee, and thou shalt be blind, not seeing the sun for a season.” To those who believe that God doesn’t put sickness on people, this scripture refutes that belief and there are others as well that confirm it. Jesus Himself made many judgments and we’re to be like Him, who did nothing of Himself.

People lament: “Why isn’t God doing anything about the wickedness going on in our day?” and I’ll tell you why: God is waiting for US to follow the examples of righteous judgment recorded in the Bible, but before we can do this, we have to come back into the state of innocence that we once had as a child,…. even the same state that Adam and Eve had when death (the reasoning, carnal mind) was not operating in them. THEN, we’ll hear “Abro” and be able to demonstrate the power of RIGHTEOUS judgments. THEN we’ll have God manifesting through us ALL THE TIME, but the question is: “Who will listen? Who will be a manifested son/“bro” that all creation is waiting for? Ah, if that’s you, know the time has come for everyone to behold the MANCHILD made up of both men and women

The world shall see the LORD JESUS CHRIST coming IN His people. Truly the great destiny of overcomers united in love, in truth, in power, in authority, in peace, in grace, in harmony, and in righteous judgment (IN HIM) shall be fulfilled!

“Abro” has decreed it!

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  1. I like the way that you relate being able to hear God’s word with understanding that we have to stop listening to our natural tendencies, and hear him as he says “ablo”
    The spanish word for I speak is “Hablo”. It can be used as a past tense as though he spoke, but the sense that you used it here is present tense. I believe that as He spoke in the past, his word is the same today, so it relates to now.
    I don’t really know if you wrote “abro” in place of “ablo” there are the end, but the word “abro” means “I open”. Understanding is an opening, revelation is an opening, and I say an “opening” as a verb, not a noun. Because all of revelation is an unveiling. When knowledge dawns it is current, it’s brand new, it opens up in our understanding and we step in.
    Thank you for this, it spoke to me what I needed to hear today.
    God bless

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  2. Wow Pedro! What a “divine” reply‼️ I didn’t realize I wrote “abro” instead of “ablo” and all I can say is “whew!” God bless you and thank you, thank you, THANK you for catching it and for not only giving me a meaning of the word “abro” that i didn’t know, but for your added revelation. I feel as though my eyes popped out my head, and a thousand eyes from above are now whirling in my mind that will be replacing my “old” seeing. Oh Pedro, I have written before on “Abro” but didn’t have your insight when I did. https://ridetheheavens.com/2022/08/10/disinherit-that-one-sitting-on-the-throne/ I The words “Abro-destiny” have come many, many, MANY times in the midst of my praying in my tongues. Truly the opening up of God’s Word and all that He is as self is abdicated is our great destiny! I can feel my “old self” being “blown away” by God’s mighty wind…. even a “whirl” wind!
    It’s amazing that many times our mistakes are “treasures in darkness,”…. even the material for glory, eh? I send much love to you my dear brother, wanting you to know how deeply I appreciate you.
    🌟❤️🥰 Michele

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  3. “The husband waiteth for the precious fruit of the earth…” He waits for a people to come to the fulness of Christ, a corporate people bound together in the unity of His Spirit… Hasten the day Lord, purify our hearts and cause us to live in the wonder of the fear of the Lord!

    Short time ago the Lord spoke to me that HE is not coming back TO the earth HE is coming back FOR a bride. It matters little how wicked the earth becomes His attention is on how holy we become.

    A precious word and how few feel the heartbeat and the pulse of His desire!

    Blessings to you!

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    • Thank you so much for your insightful reply. I would like your feedback on something I’ve been pondering for quite some time: Have you ever thought about why Jesus appeared in different forms to His people after he had resurrected? Why not the same one? Was He not telling us: “Don’t be looking for me in the same body!” when he came in unrecognizable forms? (2 Cor. 5:16) Yes, He showed Himself to Thomas, but that was to show proof of His resurrection, but will He and all of us dissolve our old bodies like the caterpillar does to become ONE new creation. Someone I respect has taught that the Lord doesn’t have two bodies and I have thought about it ever since. I’d appreciate knowing if you’ve been given any revelation on this.
      Blessings and love,


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