How Opinionated Are You?

God knows how to “get us” in more ways than one. If you’re like me, you probably haven’t thought about how opinionated you are. I can hear some of you stoutly shouting: “I AM NOT opinionated!!” Hah! I believe we all are, and on the day the Lord shows you just how opinionated you are, you’ll bury your head in your hands like I did, and bewail: “Yep! that’s me!!” Tell me: How can we NOT be when from the time we were little children, we were taught things that were not true and believed them?

Ah, but don’t you love it when the light comes and we see ourselves and things  as they really are? Yes, now I truly “love and value” correction, but my flesh hates it! It cringes every time I see my very red, bare behind, but my spirit man jumps up and down, excited that he’s growing up into full stature because of the light of truth exposing and getting rid of the darkness. 

I gotta tell you I was shocked by the dream I had last night. In it I was talking to a woman about the kind of person who I believed had the greatest “drawing power,” stating my opinion that people who were outgoing had it. I specifically mentioned those who were very “expressive,” like Italians are, and of course, these warm, loving, and sometimes very “hot” demonstrative people are among MY ancestors! Sigh! That woman who had just as much confidence in her belief as I had in mine, sweetly replied that she thought my daughter-in-law Lynne had “IT”!

Oh my, my “opinionated” bare behind was sitting “floored” on the ground, not in the dream, but in my mind’s fertile, down under place where humility is sown. Oh yes, our asses have opinions most of the time, but not like Balaam’s ass that expressed wisdom. 

Now, just so you know: Lynne, whose name means “clear pool,” not “rushing water,” is not at all demonstrative,… except when she hears good news like someone is pregnant. She almost always thinks before she speaks. Imagine THAT?!! My gracious daughter-in-law is highly intelligent and respectful of others, choosing her words wisely to make sure that she doesn’t hurt anyone. It’s called “self-control” which indicates that she’s not “full of herself.” While this may not be recognized as “drawing power,” it is, being the steady incubator of “LOVE” which will outwardly express itself when the right moment comes and in the right way. It can be detected by the discerning eye and even felt in the spirit, even when we’re not conscious of it in our minds. This never failing power always draws us to the One Who is greater than we are, so tell me: WHAT could be better?!?

I gotta say I do love effervescent, “gushing” love and the people who have it. Indeed, they are the ones who have gotten my immediate attention with their  kind of exciting and wonderful power, but  my dream awakened the truth about the source behind the greater power. God is so into “name calling” and wouldn’t ya know?: The spiritual meaning of the name Lynne is “Holy” which is my daughter’s name, too, so we can see now that it’s having “Lynne-power” with its fruit of holiness that’s gonna change us and the world…. So brothers and sisters, let’s not be zazzle-dazzled by charisma. Yes, we’re to love and to appreciate that lively person who has effervescence and charm, but it’s the solid one grounded in patience, long-suffering, temperance, and “hidden” traits that has the real power. Truly,  “Lynne-power” is the dynamite that’s gonna’ blow every opinionated mind to smithereens, so I urge everyone in the body of Christ now, to command all opinions to “GO in the name of Jesus”!

Then there won’t be any people who are asses in the kingdom of God,…. only lion/lambs!

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  1. They who rule their tongue and that find Him ruling over the emotions know deeply of His rule. We are all works in progress…

    His authority over us brings us to our freedom in Him.

    Be blessed

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    • Yes “He who rules his spirit, is better than the one who rules a city.” (Proverbs 16: 32) What a day when there’s total surrender, eh?!
      Your comment was much appreciated Brian.
      Blessings and love,


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