Let’s Pretend

Today I heard the Lord say: “I want you to pretend.” When I questioned this without expressing my doubt to Him out loud, again He emphasized that He wanted me to be just like a little child pretending to have and to be what I desire. A little, trusting one acts things out as though they were, eh? (Romans 4: 17) The Holy Spirit impressed upon me that if I didn’t do this, I would be tempting our Lord and limiting Him, just as the Israelites did long ago when they didn’t believe God and do what He said. (Psalm 78: 41). 

The word “pretend” itself, also has a message in it for us. “Pre” means “before” and the word is relaying to us that we are to “tend” to what we desire by acting in faith BEFORE we see what we desire come to pass. The picture I chose on the front of this post is of my granddaughter Julia who is the little blonde-haired girl, with her friend who’s at the wheel of the car driving it. Ah, that yellow car is a representation of “life” and of “ministry,” and just as my granddaughter was accompanied by her friend, we are co-workers with our friend Jesus Who accompanies us in our lives (cars.) He has been made ALL things to us, and indeed, we will do just fine, if we let Him drive “at the wheel.” The car’s “yellow” color is symbolic of “wisdom” and oh hallelujah! The Bible states that “Wisdom is a tree of LIFE.”

Truly, we are seated in wisdom when we trust in Jesus whose words are LIFE to us. So brethren, the message is clear that we are to live out His words by  believing them, speaking them and obeying them, and THEN the “wheel of fortune” will turn for us. 

Hey! Hey! Hey! “LET’S PRETEND!” and  experience the salvation of the Lord! It’s OURS as we sit in our yellow cars waving “good-bye” to all Satan has put upon us. Glory. glory, glory to God for NEW life materializing from out of our lips,….. even God’s faith come alive. Who could have known the power of “pretend” but God?.….. 

And NOW, we know it and say: “WE GOT IT!…. We’re TENDing to God’s business!

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