Finger Power

Have you ever wondered why what Jesus wrote in the dirt was never recorded in the Bible? I have, and I’d like to share the thought that came while reading a dream recently published on the blog “Jesus The Righteous Path.” https://jesustherighteouspath.wordpress.com/2023/05/13/desert-shopping-center/ I believe the Lord gave me the interpretation, so I pray now that Robin’s dream and its message will open up the heavens of your mind as it did mine.In her post that she called: Desert Shopping Center,” this “true Jew” wrote:

I found myself sitting on the ground in front of a shopping center which was located possibly in another country, speaking to a young girl that was of Middle Eastern descent. This shopping center had no paved parking lot, only a desert type dirt. In fact, I don’t even recall seeing any cars.

The young girl spoke English was somewhere between the ages of 9 to 11, and I could understand perfectly when she spoke to me. As we were doodling in the dirt with our fingers I asked her a question and she said she had to check with her mother and father so she took off running toward the shopping center and within a few moments she was back.

It was at this point I remember asking her if she knew what the Torah was, she responded yes and I began talking to her about it. Within seconds the dream ended.

This is the first time I’ve ever found myself in a dream witnessing to anyone, let alone, such a young child. I also found it fascinating that I would say the actual word, Torah, instead of Bible, since I’m not Jewish or fluent in the Hebrew language.

This is my interpretation: In the beginning of the dream Robin is sitting on the ground: “Being seated” spiritually symbolizes a position of authority and each of us has been given “dominion over the earth.” I see Robin in that position (on the ground/earth) and the shopping center represents “buying and selling the truth through which “the knowledge of the truth” is gained. That there was no “paved way” shows that the way is not a set formula to follow, but must be discerned by the Spirit. It is then that our desert will bloom with “life springing up” in it, just as the land of Israel has begun to blossom in our time. (Isaiah 27:6)

Robin talking to the little girl shows that we must become like “a little child” in order to hear the Word of the Lord in order to be instructed in God’s ways by the Spirit. The child being somewhere between 9-11 reveals that there’s a progressive development coming through the “gift realm” and the fruit of the spirit (#9) in order to have spiritual understanding of the Torah (#10) in order to execute righteous judgment (#11.)

The definition of “doodle” is “a rough drawing made absent-mindedly,” Our concepts and perceptions are doodles without the “mind of Christ” until we seek God for “balanced” wisdom and understanding,… until we realize that there are two sides of God shown through the type and shadow of a mother and father’s contrasting natures. A mother’s nature is soft, nurturing, gentle and merciful and a father’s nature is firm, having the authority of tough-love in order for His righteous standard to be upheld, as well as having other male qualities. Every one of us must know when and how to operate in both, and it is through “direct” questions to God and an intimate relationship with Him that we become balanced and whole.

So now we come to the last part of the dream which reveals that the law (the Torah) MUST BE KNOWN! It’s true that we are not “UNDER” the law, but the scripture teaches that it was not done away with. Matthew 5: 19 states that “Whoever shall break one of the least commandments, and teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of God.” The dream’s message is clear that we must KNOW (be intimate with) the law, not just be familiar with it. 

Look at Psalm 119: 92: “If your law had not been my delight, I would then have perished in my affliction!” How many have not realized this connection and consequently are sick and dying. So then what does not being “under the law” mean? These are my thoughts: The Holy Spirit is now our guide each day, NOT form and rituals no matter how good they may be. We can fast, give all our money to the poor, say prayers many hours a day, etc., but if the Holy Spirit does not direct us to do it, they will avail us NOTHING. In fact, they are dung, The Bible plainly states that the law justifies none of us,…. that ONLY the blood of Jesus does, for we are justified by GRACE, not by the law.

Soooo now WHAT is the message to be understood from Jesus having written in the dirt with His finger? Oh how glorious it is that the Lord didn’t spell it out for us because it is to be revealed BY THE SPIRIT, and this can only happen when we are of mature age, able to discern good and evil,….. Yay, when we no longer take offense at anyone or anything, and when we stop judging with CONDEMNATION (Death.) This does not mean that we stop judging, as the saints are CALLED to judge as seen in 1 Cor. 5: 22 and Obadiah 1: 21. Righteous judgment is what the world is waiting for because righteousness and judgment are the foundation of God’s throne which is His ruling power that is to be exercised IN and THROUGH HIS PEOPLE. (Psalm 89: 14)

The finger of God represents “DELIVERANCE,” and when we use the finger of deliverance with the understanding that everything that we’ve been through has been to bring us spiritually to where the woman who was caught in adultery found herself. It’s the place of no longer pointing the finger at people, but using our finger of deliverance to set them free. Oh yes, all of us have committed fornication with the world, haven’t we? The world, the flesh and the devil have ruled us and have been the gods of every one of us. We, who are true Jews who worship the Father in spirit and in truth, are destined to use our “finger of deliverance” to write “FORGIVEN” on the earth, and tell every man, woman and child: “GO AND SIN NO MORE”! Oh Hallelujah!

What a dream! What a message!!

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  1. Oh Wow! That is an absolutely breathtaking interpretation. Thank you so much sister Michele for the interpretation. I was a little perplexed over this dream and wasn’t sure how to take it, especially, the Torah portion. Thankfully, you have provided answers to this issue and have set my spirit at ease.

    What a joy you are to me and this community. You’ve helped me, and I’m sure others, to spiritually grow and continually seek the Kingdom of Heaven. God bless and many, many, many blessings to you my friend…..Robin


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