Glory In The Cave

When we think of caves, a dwelling place for a bride in preparation is not a thought most of us if any of us would have in mind. A cave is a hollow place in the ground often formed by weathered rock, so tell me: Has your faith in “The Rock,” (Christ Jesus) been weathered? A sister recently had a dream that had a cave with walls made of hand carved out dirt and rock in it. This dream was posted on Robin’s blog: https://jesustherighteouspath.wordpress.com/2023/05/10/believers-gather/ and I’ve taken the liberty of including it here with an interpretation as it ties in with a word I was given.

Robin wrote: I saw myself along with others walking into this large room. But this room didn’t have painted walls of a modern house, instead, it reminded me of a large, well lit cave. I followed the path inside the cave and people were standing on multi-levels facing all in the same direction. Similar to a stadium, but in this particular instance, it was a cave.

I knew exactly where my place was and I found myself walking up and standing next to a young girl maybe in her mid to late 20’s. I remember turning, looking at her, and with my left arm I reached out and hugged her. She was much shorter than myself but it was a moment of happiness, love and recognition of this young dark haired girl.

As we stood there I noticed this cave was completely hand carved from dirt and rock and it had a deep almost smooth clay coloring. All the believers were facing in the same direction, all standing in an orderly fashion on multi-tiered levels, there was complete silence, all of us was wearing what appeared to be sackcloth, we all seemed to be waiting in anticipation, there was a large bright light coming from the center of the room that illuminated everything, and more and more people were finding their way in. Then the dream ended. 

My interpretation: I believe that the hand of the Lord was the hand that carved the walls of that cave: He is the potter and we are the clay, and in order to become His dwelling place with all the finishing touches needed to form us into His vessels unto honor, the clay must go through God’s refining fire. During the time that we are a mixture of spirit and flesh (earth,) we’re in a dark place, but that dark place contains the “treasures of darkness” in it, …. even his light growing brighter and brighter.

Over two years ago, a brother in Christ had a dream of me in a cave making preparations to become the Lord’s bride. I believe that Robin’s dream was of the “BRIDE of Christ” composed of many who are on different levels, but facing the same direction with each standing in their own place. When we are spiritually in our twenties, we are past being babies and rebellious teenagers and then afterwards we have a level of maturity in which we wait for our Lord in humility (sackcloth.) In the dream, Robin reached out with her left arm manifesting love to one of less stature revealing that she was able to “judge rightly” which the left arm represents.

In the morning before reading this sister’s post, I heard the Lord say: “I am coming to my Shulamite woman.” This beloved one is a type and shadow of the bride who is intimate with the Lord, devoted and consecrated to Him. The meaning of “Shulamite” is “whole” and “complete” and it is the bride who is without spot and blemish to whom He is coming. The ones in Robin’s dream were silent which I see as the scriptures “Be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46: 10) and “In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength” (Isaiah 30: 15) having been established in them. In the dream, more people were finding their “way” to being added to the company who make up the Bride, and shall continue to be until the Bride is complete.

Many, many years ago, my young son interpreted the tongues he heard me speaking to mean: “Jesus is coming!” and the Lord revealed at that time that “the way, the truth, and the life” was coming, and yay! It was to be progressively happening….. Those in the dream who found their way to be joined in love to the other members of the body of Christ are ones who have discovered the Lord’s “way” of doing things.

Now I want to share some insights on “the coming.” There are different Greek words in the Bible which translators have translated all as “coming,” making no distinctions between them. It has caused much confusion in the members of the body of Christ, as are MANY comings with different purposes as revealed in the writing of J. Preston Eby in his book “Looking For His Appearing”:

  1. PAROUSIA comes from the verb PAREMI which means “at hand,” “to be present.” The noun signifies “Presence.”
  2. APOKALUPSIS: The verb APOKALUPTO means “to uncover,” “to unveil.”
  3. EPIPHANEIA from the verb “to shine upon,” “bring to light,” “to shine upon” with the noun meaning: “brightness.”
  4. PHANEROO means “to render apparent or make manifest, not necessarily a visible presence, but a perception.
  5. ERCHOMAI: This word is used to indicate the actual act of coming, not, as with PAROUSIA, the presence of one who has arrived, but the event of coming. 
  6. HEKO: This word stress is the point of arrival at a certain place. 

Preston wrote that the different Greek words “enable one to see what the texts mean, with reference to the coming of his presence, to his abiding presence, to the Revelation, or unveiling of his presence, to the manifestation or outraying of the glory and majesty of his presence.”

When the Lord said that He was coming TO His Shulamite woman, He was not speaking of His coming IN her, coming in the clouds etc. Since the ones in Robin’s dream were in their twenties, they do not represent those who were completely whole YET, but they were getting in order with each taking their place. I’m not certain which of the Greek words refers to the large bright light coming from the center of the room they were in, but I’m inclined to think it’s PAROUSIA as it denotes His presence which has already arrived. One thing is for sure: The “way, the truth, and the life,” the Lord Jesus Christ, our Yahashua, has come, is coming, and shall come! Glory! Glory! Glory!

What could be better? NOTHING!!

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  1. Really enjoyed reading how you broke this down and fascinating to read how a brother in Christ also dreamed of a cave and you being shown as a bride.

    And, I hadn’t even thought about the word clay and it being linked to the potter’s hands. Thank you so much for posting it and adding your interpretation. You’ve been blessed with Joseph’s gift, the gift of interpretations of dreams, wisdom, prophecy and probably many more gifts. This is what the Church should do, each using their gift to edify it and to work together.

    What a blessing you are my sweet sister. It was no accident we were to meet dear sister. I believe the Lord put us together for this reason.

    God bless you and keep you in His perfect peace. Many, many blessings to you my beloved sister Michele.


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