A Cut Above The Rest

This morning a pair of kitchen scissors came to my mind and they were on the ground. “Pick me up!” they shouted. “We’re to be used, not sitting here doing nothing…. We’re a picture of you: You’re to be a “cutter,” even a precision one cutting out everything that doesn’t bring joy and peace in your life and in the lives of others.”

I thought of all the material things I’ve cut that have done some good, but how much more profitable are spiritual cutters? They have power to cut off every “tale” of Satan’s as well as all that doesn’t edify and build up the body of Christ, even lawful things that are good, but unprofitable for the kingdom. You who are reading this: “Do your ears listen to negative reports about your brothers and sisters in Christ? Are you one who feels that you need to ask people about others? Do you search the internet to find out everything you can about a person? I believe that spiritual scissors are needed here, too: Either we know someone after the spirit or we know that person after the flesh. How many realize that information concerning a person’s past can hinder us from having a relationship the Lord wants us to have, and could also prevent us from receiving a Word from God through the very person He’s ordained to help us.

What if the Lord sent King David to you and someone told you all he had done? If you didn’t ask God about him and you ended up judging and rejecting him because of what you had heard, you’d be a “loser”! Do you know how many losers there are out there in the body of Christ not able to enjoy the kingdom that has ones like that man after God’s own heart ruling in it?

Have you not heard?: We ALL have flesh?

Today, I’ll be picking up those scissors and cutting out “idle talk”:…. First of all, my far too many words, and then all negative talk about people and all other words contrary to the Word of God. We’re to be selective about what we see and hear, eh? Every word we receive affects our hearts and our actions, and especially what we say. We’re to receive one another, forgive one another, and LOVE one another. All of us know this, but how many of us fulfill the law of love? How many look at outward appearances? How many are quick to judge things and people by their reasoning mind, not the mind of Christ?

Oh how the same hands that cut out hindrances, offenses, and other things of the flesh, need to become “blessing” hands-….hands that do good to those who wrong us and especially to bless the unlovely ones! God knows that when we do this, we just may be the ones to get the greater blessing.

So the next time you’re tempted to find out about someone through natural investigation, DON’T!Find out from God if that person is His “divine” connection, and if there’s a rise in your spirit, ask God to put eye salve on your eyes so you can see him or her as He sees,…. so that YOU have something to give to them, and so you don’t miss out on what they have to give to you.

We’re called to think the best of people, aren’t we? God says for His people to greet each other with a holy kiss, NOT with suspicion,…. NOT with fear that they are going to do us wrong. God will tell us if that’s the case. Listen! Listen! Listen!: Our Lord KNEW that Judas was a THIEF! He KNEW that Judas was going to betray Him, yet He CHOSE him. Think about it: ALL things work for the good, my brethren, so we don’t have to fear ANYONE or ANYTHING! When we love others wholeheartedly without fear, THEN we’ll be a “cut” above the rest….

THEN we’ll be shouting: “Oh, the power of scissors! Oh the power of hands that bless!”

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      • That’s so sweet of you, thank you my dear beloved sister. But, I’m sure you have alot more rewards in heaven than you even realize. Many, many blessings to you and God bless you my dear sister.


      • Ahhhhh! That’s so sweet….Thank you so much sister Michele. But you are an inspiration to me and I look forward to your post and interpretations. Peace and blessings to you sweet sister!


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