Jiminy Cricket And Glory

The stars could no longer be seen by men on earth, and it wasn’t because they had lost their light. Oh no! They were shining seven times brighter than ever before. It was because men had become so wicked and corrupt that an extra layer of darkness was over all the earth…. This darkness was man’s darkness of understanding that had come into such a magnitude of great thickness and substance, no star’s light could penetrate through it. But praise the Lord, the sun of righteousness still appeared in the day for those who called out to the Lord,…. for those who realized that there was no good in them,…. .for those who received the ministry of the crickets who were glorious “transfigured” ones just like their Lord had been. Alas, only a few would receive crickets as being ministers of God.… Only the lowly, humble ones who were wise as serpents, would look past the crickets’ unattractive appearance realizing that God does not manifest Himself through great ones who are full of themselves and pride.

Ah, those who will cry out upon hearing the message of the full gospel would be the ones who would miraculously be taken up into the heavens to shine with the other stars who were waiting for the completion of the number of all those who would become saints to join them. The crickets were called to make the “last sound” at the end of the harvest of the ripened fruit of the Spirit. Their sound was not a pleasant one in the ears of men who hated the sound of the call of repentance, but to every man who heard the reverberating echo of the crickets, the dissonant sound would turn into the sound of the bells of holiness,… the most beautiful sound in all of the earth and all of heaven.

Their notes of truth would bring about the end of man looking at the appearance of things and the end of the reasoning mind’s rule for those who would be given eyes to see. Who ever would have thought that the sound,…. the vibration,…. and the wonder of the change that repentance’s sound could bring could change EVERYTHING?

Glory! Glory! Glory! When the sevenfold Spirit manifests through the crickets and repentance comes, we’ll all be shouting “Jiminy Cricket”!

Note: When the Lord inspired the word “cricket” for this allegory, it was definitely a surprise to me and wouldn’t you know?: The meaning of “Jiminy cricket” is an “exclamation of surprise.” Cricket also has the definition of “fair and honorable behavior.” Oh yes, the message of the crickets,…. even the message of full repentance received and worked out in the firstfruit company shall bring about “the desired end”-….. even SALVATION, glory, and honor. Hallelujah!

My favorite scripture is: “The sun of righteousness shall arise with healing in His wings,” (Malachi 4: 2) and I see the sun as the Head AND the transformed members of the body of Christ as ONE: Oh glorious day when RIGHTEOUSNESS is totally worked in and established in His faithful and true ones! There will be no darkness in them then, and they’ll be singing “O sole mio,” which literally translates to “my sun” or “my sunshine.” Oh, oh, oh! Think of it: On THAT day, the stars shall become “DAYstars”!

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  1. Hallelujah! What a wonderful post! Thank you so much sister Michele for the information on the Sabbath, what a DIAMOND you are! It lead me to read for awhile last night and this morning and I FINALLY understood. So thank you, thank you, thank you! Many, many blessings to you my dear beloved sister! Robin


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