Promises Coming True

“Carrots! Carrots! Does anyone want carrots?” the little child shouted in the streets of the city called “Lack.” Her family was wretched living in great fear each day that they wouldn’t have enough to survive. Her mother “Dejected” dressed her little one in ritual prayer each day in the hope that she would attract people who would buy those carrots for a few pennies,…. but alas, few did because hope is not faith. Only those who had a heart to help the poor, took notice of her…. They were sent by “Grace,” God’s mercy to bless this little family whose name was “Hope Deferred.” One in particular’s prayers were mighty, and would soon be answered in a wonderful way.

On the day when all hope seemed to be lost, this one called “Benevolence” patted “Promise” on her head with a special touch. An impartation of life came out of that righteous palm like an electric shock that stirred the cells in the child’s body to become something they had not been …. even ALIVE with faith. It was a gift from “above” that only one with a kind, loving heart could give, and “Benevolence” had an abundance of love.

“Promise,” you are the long awaited one, soon to have a new name. You will no longer be poor, because “true life” has come now, and you are to see in your heart that you are rich. Whatever one can see and believe will materialize, shall have what they see. You are now to look at the carrots you have in a new way: They are not something you and your family are to think of as being just a source of income and sustenance. When you bless them, they will become far more,…. even a secret treasure to all who receive you and them. YOUR carrots now are what God is going to use to give new sight!

Oh “Promise,” what a delight you shall have in blessing people with what you’ve been given in the work of “Life.” Dear little one, YOU have been called to be a “Transformer” and you shall tell everyone who receives you in the name of the “Savior,” that the promise of life and it more abundantly shall come true. Look now at who will be accompanying you!”

A magnificent gold rabbit appeared out of nowhere dressed in “Glory”…. “His name is “Prolific!” “Benevolence” told her, and proclaimed: “Oh dear “Promise,” what fun you shall have with him!” And so it came to pass as they hippity hopped along with joy, “Promise’s” basket was overflowing and her carrots became gold…. even 24 “Karat” gold….

Now don’t YOU… yes, you, who also have had hope deferred, know that everyone who receives a child in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ becomes divine? Oh yes, I think you do, because carrots come with “eyes to see”!

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    • Oh Pedro, one of the nicest things about having a blog is the written communication of kindness and love extended to me. I have felt such joy and encouragement through so many of your comments. Thank you dear brother, and bless you for your love that has touched me and made me happy that I am part of the body of Christ.

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