Fire Will Burn Up The Hay

Recently while praying for a sister in Christ, I had a vision of her as a star missing one of its points…(The five pointed star is NOT Satanic: It’s the star of David and represents one saved by grace.) The Holy Spirit spoke and gave the warning that when light (revelation) is rejected, it is very costly to us…. We can not be whole, brethren…..Oh what a price to pay when we believe that we’re oh so right, when we’re oh so wrong!

I urge you to make sure that what you believe is the anointed word, and I pray with all my heart that I, and all of us shall have open hearts and minds to listen, listen, listen and to diligently seek God for the truth, not assuming that we know it. Our works will be of the Spirit then. There’ll be no points missing on our stars, and there’ll be no hay to be burned up. Instead, we’ll be shouting:

“Hey! Hey! Hey! Look at what God has done!”

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