The Master Key

“Rabboni-Door” was the first word I heard the Spirit say in the morning before I was “at ‘em” preparing for whatever “at ‘em” was going to be. This word came with a sound like that of a bugle playing “Taps,” but instead of announcing: “Light’s Out,” it was “Light’s On” for me and for all who make the Lord Jesus Christ “their” master. “Rabbi” means “master,” (also “teacher,” but “Rabboni” means “MY master.” Ah, there’s quite a difference when he finally is OUR master, and we do ALL that He wants us to do, eh? I was given just a little peek at that door opening up for me, and “Oh my!”

For two days, I had been experiencing hell in my body with the devil at me like a dragon breathing fire out of his nostrils and mouth ready to consume me. Some years ago, I was diagnosed with degenerative disk disease, which is a FACT, but the TRUTH is that I was healed and am healed by His stripes…. I admit that I feel no joy when I am attacked with pain in my body, and yes, I have dreaded the onset of it because hitherto, pains have remained in my back anywhere from a week to longer than a.month…. But while I have had no joy “feeling-wise,” I have had it in the knowledge that in those trials, deep wells can be and have been dug…. I have also been comforted by beholding the joy set before us: It is a “given” that total victory is ours.

Sooo here’s my testimony that I hope will bless some of you “well diggers” who are in “The Valley of Baca” (the Valley of “Trouble.”): I had a hair appointment scheduled and because I was in so much pain, I was going to cancel it, but like a deer blinded by car headlights, I was stopped in the tracks which would have led me to the opposite of God’s will. His light shined in my mind brighter than a car’s headlights reminding me of a testimony I have never forgotten. Audrey Mack is a very anointed minister who had a missionary trip planned when she was attacked by fever, chills and very acute pains. She knew if she went to the hospital as she was urged to do by one of her good friends, a registered nurse who was pretty certain it was appendicitis, her trip would be cancelled.

It was a Sunday morning when the pains first came, and Audrey sought the Lord for His direction for what she should do. He asked her: “What would a well-person do?” and her answer was: “Go to church.”…… So of course, she went to church even though every cell in her body screamed: “Go to bed!” When the service ended, she was still in the same condition,… even worse as she was nauseous at that point. Some brethren wanted her to join them for lunch, and when she was tempted to not go, the Lord asked her again: “What would a well-person do?” and He said it even once more when the time came for her to place an order. Audrey nearly gagged eating that meal, but she forced it down, and held on for a total of three days, just in time to make her trip totally healed. Yes, that woman of faith was healed by His stripes and gave all the glory to God.

Now my body cells were screaming like hers did, and I no more wanted to keep my hair appointment then I wanted to climb into a hungry lion’s den, or to eat “bugs,” but I knew that it was God’s will. Do you know that every pain left me, when I got there? Yes, I think you do. While I was seated in the chair for wonders to be done on my hair, (thank you God for Michenzie, my beautician,) the owner of the beauty salon came over to where I was and chatted a while with me. When Donna was leaving, the Spirit said: “I want you to ask her to pray for you.” A little perplexed because I no longer was in pain, but I knew I had heard from the Lord and did what He has instructed me to do just as she started to leave the salon. I didn’t know “what” to ask her to pray about, and simply told her what the Lord said. She was going to lunch at that moment, but put her purse down, laid hands on me and prayed an anointed prayer that God would do whatever needed to be done, and then went out the door.

I paid my bill, and Michenzie, who was going to lunch too, walked with me to my car. I told her that I had never heard the Holy Spirit tell me to ask anyone for prayer for myself before. Yes, I have asked people for prayer, but never had I been “told” to ask for it. Then I shared with her that I thought it might have been because the owner had the baptism of the Holy Ghost and was filled with power… that I probably needed support to maintain my victory. Michenzie had not been taught about the baptism before, and my asking prayer from the owner was the opening that was needed for me to share about that experience with her. At the end of my telling her about the need for the Holy Ghost’s power, I was led to speak in a beautiful tongue and give its interpretation. Michenzie exclaimed that it was just what she needed. Hallelujah! He is so good and how I praise Him.

However this is not the end of my story: A few pains came once again to attack my back as I was driving, so I thought I would just make a “curbside” order at Subway instead of going in to get the food. But the Lord let me know emphatically that He wanted me to go inside, saying: “When my people do what I ask them to do, all goes well for them.” I did not want to go through the trouble of fighting off the pain, possibly having more pain, but I knew it was His will and I obeyed.

When I got inside, a young sweet-looking man took my order and as he was preparing my hoagie, we had a brief conversation with me telling him that I could see God in his shining face, and sure enough, he was a believer with the name “Genesis.” Imagine that!! He was a sign to me of a new beginning for my walk of Jesus being my “Rabboni.” Before I realized it, the man who was behind me getting his order being filled by another attendant, slipped in front of me and paid for MY lunch putting a ten dollar bill on the counter. O.M.G.! It was more than going well for me: It was going WONDERful! This man was a believer, too, and that was not all: When I was leaving, a woman who was coming in the door, held it open for me. She was another believer with the glory of God shining in her face, too, and we had proceeded to have a conversation outside about our Lord. Alice did not know about the baptism and about speaking in tongues, but just like Michenzie, God had a message for her through the gift God had given to me. Whenever God has used me in this manner, I always tell people that no one who has a gift is great, even if they had the gift of miracles,…. that we are great it we have love, …. and that gifts are given for the body of Christ to bless and edify each other. I was blessed and it was just like the Lord said: “When we do what He tells us to do, all goes well for us!” Oh brethren, it’s time for all of us to make him not only “Lord” of our lives, but “Master,” too. Yay, let’s all call Him “Rabboni” and see the ”Door-Himself” open, full of glory.

What can be said now, but: “Glory! Glory! Glory! We’ve got the KEY!!

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