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My heart was recently stirred by one whose suffering seemed more than she could bear, and I found myself crying out for her, for me… for all of us: ““Lord, why has it taken so long for us to be delivered? You came to set us free, but here most of us are still in captivity. You said that your people perish for lack of knowledge, so what is the knowledge that we still lack?”…. And then these are the words that came; “Long view” and “latchkey,”…. and then a “Huh?” from me.

I shared in a previous post that it was pointed out to me that Joshua and Caleb had the faith to enter the “Promised Land,” but that they could not do it until the old generation had passed away. Yes, the ways and thoughts passed down to us from previous generations have to be overcome, but there is a different aspect to look at other than this one through the word “latchkey.” Children whose parents aren’t there to watch, teach, care for them during vital hours of their lives are known as latchkey kids. Lack of parental supervision and quality time spent together make them an easy prey for the enemy, as they have to fend for themselves with their “own ways” teaching them, as well as outside influences who take the place of their parents.

This is a type and shadow of what has “spiritually” gone on in the church which is called to make disciples of men…. Disciples are ones who know Jesus as Lord AND master, not only as savior, eh? Sad to say, only a few in the church worldwide do, and I believe it’s because we have been like latchkey kids, not like the early church whose members met EVERY day…. They KNEW each other INTIMATELY, and consequently were taught God’s ways and thoughts by EXAMPLE, not just in words. How far the Laodicean church of the present age is from this, eh? Because those who were spiritually supposed to have been nurturing us were absent, the church became an organization, not a living organism, with forms and erroneous teachings and doctrines that replaced the “living Word.” Yes, a little truth was mixed in, enough so that many have stayed in the Babylonish system instead of coming out as God commanded.

The Bible says that the Lord’s Bride is to be without spot or wrinkle…. Yes, we understand that the spots are sins and ways that are not His, but do we realize how much we have been infiltrated by false teachings which “wrinkles” represent? How settled many of us are in them without realizing this UNTIL the angels come to separate the wheat from the tares…. Oh hallelujah! The Holy Spirit just bore witness that we are in that day, RIGHT NOW. THIS is what I believe the Lord was showing me and now you, through the word “long view.” God told the Israelites that He could not deliver them all at once,…. that it was to be through one battle after another, and so it is with us-…. Long range factors are involved…. Indeed, a “long view” that’s UNTIL the time appointed.

Now I want to say this: God gets great glory when we trust and have faith in Him like others given as examples to us in the Bible….  Praise, God, it’s when we have faith like Abraham, who believed in the “impossible,” way, way past the time he had hoped for the promise God gave him to come true. I want to encourage you, my brethren, with this thought: We are a great, great testimony of God’s “keeping power.” Know how glorious we are who STAND…. Not only are we glorious, but we bring God MUCH pleasure. 

Can you hear Him saying: “THAT’S my boy! THAT’S my girl?….. I CAN!!!

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    • “Unto Him”…. This is so insightful Brian. Truly, far too many have been made disciples unto man and unto church organizations.

      When I prayed that your greatest need be met, I pictured the Lord’s hand on your right shoulder. Afterwards Isaiah 9: 6 came to mind, which we know was a prophecy concerning our Lord Jesus. Would it not also pertain to the manchild as well and the government being on the shoulder of Christ (the manchild) going to be manifested through the ones grown up to the full measure stature of the stature of Christ? This vision can be revealing that the hand (power of God) upon that government is your greatest need and that this is what’s next for you and for all who are part of the manchild caught up to the throne, which is where rulership (government) comes from: Something to think about, eh?
      Blessings and love,


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