The Stars In The Shulamite Woman

“And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmanent, and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars forever.” (Daniel 12: 3).

Oh brethren, do you hear what I hear? I think of the Christmas song asking us this same question and then announcing in it that a child is born, and yes, these words could be sung about the manchild, but it’s not about the manchild I’m hearing today. It’s about “the woman”…. Think of it: The world doesn’t know what or who a woman is, much less THIS woman who is the long awaited one.

The first word I heard from the Lord this morning was “The Shulamite Woman is HERE!” and then when I was praying in tongues, “Rachel Bride ” came in English. If that wasn’t enough, I found myself singing more words in tongues in a beautiful melody: “Wooo! Wooo! DayStar You!” and then “Hey! Hey! Hey…You!” It’s “Hey! Hey!” you, too, because the Lord didn’t say “A” Shulamite woman is here as in a singular one, but “THE” Shulamite woman, a collective one.

Rachel’s name means “lamb” and her spiritual connotation is “innocence.” Rachel, in the old testament, was “the desired one” and that is what and who WE are. When we become like little children, we return to the “innocent state of being” in which we no longer eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and it is then that we shall be innocent. In “The Name Book” by Dorothy Astoria, a scripture is connected with each name, and Hosea 14: 9 was chosen for “Rachel”: “Those who are wise understand these things; those who are discerning know them. For the ways of the Lord are right, and the upright walk in them.” These upright ones make up the “Shulamite Woman” and each is one like the one in the following allegory that I wrote about in 2020,…. and it looks like manifestation time is now, hallelujah!

The Be Coming Star

“My Star” was in everyone but they did not know it. The decree had been established in Heaven that “My Star” could not be manifested unless she was owned and unless her ownership was officially announced. “My Star” waited long hidden in the darkness of man’s mind.

A bird of paradise flew over the earth and was seen by those who had eyes to see. “I am a sign… I am a thought that can become a reality within,” she cooed. “Paradise, as a state of being, can be yours when you own “My Star,” and upon ownership, her position will be changed from being in the head alone to being both in the head and heart at the same time. Who will claim ownership?”

A rabbit whose name was “Listen” suddenly appeared. “When hearing comes,  conception takes place,” she decreed. “Conception must be fed with the food of immortality in order to grow and become the real self. Listen, listen, LISTEN  you inhabitants of the earth! The earth is not your permanent dwelling place.… It is your stepping stone.”

The rabbit sighed. “They are deaf,” she moaned. “I talk to deaf, dead men and expect them to hear, yet I am commissioned to speak even though they can’t hear. It is a WONDER!”

“Don’t you know that WONDER will be made wonder-FULL when the word you speak is accompanied with power?” a voice from One unseen by human eyes asked. “Don’t you know that the reason hearing does not happen is because unbelief blocks her sound? Man wants power… Man wants authority to fulfill his lusts and does not consider the source of those lusts. He is like a child on a roller coaster seeking the thrills of a temporal life. Only the Word  can change and save him. 

“Give attendance to my Word!” the King of all the universe commanded: “Be transformed, … not tomorrow, but today! Claim ownership of all that is yours. Hear it! Not some, but ALL, for all things are yours. 

Enlarge your hearts now and become “My star”!

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