Rising Up as A Fish Head

I love it when the Holy Spirit brings unusual sights into our minds: My inner world is better than Disney World, and so is yours! Jesus Christ is alive in that head of ours,…. even the mind of Christ bringing us back to being little children again full of wonder and excitement!

How thrilled people were in the 1930’s when talking pictures arrived like thunder and lightning bringing forth imagination in an outer form that would revolutionize entertainment Well, it’s time to realize that you and I have what’s better than the world’s movies: We have a talking God inside of us whose pictures are divine. The messages He conveys through them light us up like Christmas trees that have glorious presents under our branches prepared with the gospel of peace to bless those in our lives. Don’t you know?: His talking pictures make a “World of Difference”…. even new worlds made of wisdom, understanding, love, revelation, power, and provision for all we need to become just like Him.

So now picture yourselves as a fish’s head with a kissing mouth that is kissing the mouth of God. Yes, THAT is the talking picture that the Spirit of God put in my mind’s eye,…. and that God is going to catch your fish eye, too! Don’t ya know you and I are one, and that He made us to be “the Head,” not the tail:…. even a “Fish Head”? According to the etymology’s definition of a fish, it is “any animal that lives entirely in the water.” It symbolically represents those of us who live entirely IN THE WORD!

The vision that immediately followed the “kissing” was of the word “Love”  multiplied on my forehead so that the entire head was filled with love. Now hear this: The meaning of the word “head” is: “chief person, leader, ruler,” and look, look, LOOK at its etymology: “origin of a river.” Oh brethren, there’s a river of life flowing out of us, and that river’s name is “LOVE”!

Oh hallelujah! The head’s mouth is the instrument that let’s God’s love come forth out OF US! So kiss the Lord’s lips, mine, and everyone’s my brethren, and let the river flow! It’s time that the world sees Christ: 

It’s the time for LOVE!!!

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