When I say or write: “Oh my God!” I am not being irreverent or doing it casually. I’m proclaiming that “He’s MINE!”…. that He’s AMAZING!” and that I can find no words to express how WONDERful He is! I’m declaring to everyone…. to every living thing on earth and in heaven: “What a God we have beyond comparison to anyone or to anything!”

I know everyone of His children think the same way and extol Him, too. There is nothing better than hearing His voice and feeling His presence, except perhaps doing His will and bringing Him pleasure….. And even that is HIS doing!!

Today something so sweet happened: I wasn’t praying when a vision of a dear friend came to my mind like a rainbow suddenly appearing… a double one that was a “witness” saying: “I’m in her life…. I’m in yours…. I am working mightily in all my children’s lives, blessing them, watching over them, going before them, in their midst and bringing them to a good end!” We, who have received the Lord Jesus Christ as our savior are “pregnant” with HIS life in us,…. and oh my!! My seventy year old friend sure is,…. big time! My vision was of her with that divine baby of hers “kicking”! We’ve heard the expression: “I get a kick out of her (or him), eh? which means we are delighting in that person. Well she, as well as each of us, is (or will be) getting a kick out of “ Christ” Who is being formed in us.

It didn’t seem like much of a vision to me, but I called Kitty to tell her it as I know that when God gives us a word, vision, or dream about someone, it’s to be shared, unless the holy spirit tells us not to reveal it. May each of you hear this: Do not think “little” of what God gives you… Don’t hold anything back believing that it’s of no importance. Some of you, if not all of you, are having visions (often, little impressions) that you’re not recognizing as being from God. You think that the dream you had was because you had pizza the night before you went to sleep No!! That dream, that vision, that word that you’re tempted to dismiss as “nothing,” is “food for thought” from above.

I love the scripture that says that the Lord made a “book of remembrance of those who feared Him and that often spake often one to another.” (Malachi 3: 16) He promises: “They shall be MINE in that day that I make up my JEWELS.” “El” is the name of God and we, who worship Him in Spirit and in Truth, are true Jews….Oh yes, when the two are combined, you get jewels (jew-els.) Oh hallelujah!…. Interactions and conversations with God and with others are how Christ is formed within each of us: We are the “living” stones…. the jewels that make up the city in the New Jerusalem.

Now for the “kicker”: Kitty has been going through the fire, as all of us have been… You don’t get refined gold without fire, or jewels without great pressure, eh? She has been standing in faith for a specific miracle, and today the news that the doctor gave her was the opposite of what she has been believing for. Have you been there, my brethren? I know you have. The vision I was given was letting her know that what she was carrying (faith … even the Christ child) was alive and kicking even though the outward manifestation hadn’t yet come.

Now for the best part: He gave another confirming witness when the two of us prayed together: His word jumped into my mind like a giant popcorn that popped into the heavens of my spirit,…. even the “corn” of “kingdom thinking, and that word was “Beta man”!!! Say “What”?? We had no clue what that meant, but oh! oh! O.M.G.! When I checked it out online, I discovered we were “in line” to be blessed. THIS is the definition of “Beta”: “a stage of development in which a product is nearly complete, but not yet ready to release!” What a witness!

So you who are pregnant: It may look like that baby will never come out, but whooo wheeee! When He comes, it will be the “Alpha and Omega” man….. even “Christ” REVEALED, and you and the whole world are going to exclaim:

“OH MY GOD”!!!

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