The One Who Will Take Dominion

Today I found myself singing a line of old song I knew long ago, even belting it out with joy: “St. Louie-woman with all her diamond rings!” I boomed in victory, and afterwards, the words: “Himself manifesting the truth in me” flowed spontaneously out of me. HE gets the glory for all that He’s doing through us, eh? and I remembered that yesterday, I heard the trumpet sounding in my spirit proclaiming: “Michael is HERE!” Don’t you know: He has come, IS coming, and shall come!

“Louie” means “Famous Warrior” and it has the spiritual connotation of: “Declarer of God.” I know that most of us don’t see ourselves as angels, but the word “angel” means “messenger,” and it’s part of our calling to be just that-…. We are to message the words that God gives us to speak and write. Yes, I believe that there is an angelic being called “Michael” who is sent to us in times of trouble, but I also believe that when we declare the truth to the ones God sends us to, we are angels to them, and vice versa. A diamond symbolizes “truth,” and yes, I got diamonds on my fingers and so do you! God teaches our hands to battle and our fingers to war (Psalm 144: 1,) and thus fortified with His knowledge, wisdom and grace, we war with the flesh, the world, the devil and demons and get set free by the TRUTH. Yay, when we rise up to the occasion, we are like Michael. My name “Michele” has the same meaning (One who is like God,) and our Father in Heaven intends that each of us manifests that name. While God (the Son) is IN us when we minister to others, He manifests to them THROUGh us as “a messenger.”

Before going to a dental appointment yesterday, God unexpectedly put the word: “brave” in my mind, and it stood out like a flashing neon sign that had the word “Uh oh!” on it. The last time that He told me that I was a “brave girl” was before I went through one of the hardest trials of my life. God prepares His people, eh?: He undergirds us with His word “before” we go to battle fulfilling the verse in the “Odes of Solomon” 8: 8 that decrees: “Peace was prepared for you, before ever your war was.”

Early this morning, prior to hearing what I have just shared with you, I had a vision of many figures that looked exactly like ‘‘Humpty Dumpty’ sitting on walls, and like that character of old, they fell down to their demise. When I asked the Lord about the vision’s interpretation, He let me know that those figures represented “enablers,” and my mind pondered who they specifically were. The first thought that came was how the leaders in many churches, as well as some of us, do for others what they should be doing for themselves. We are called to train up people to do the work of the ministry, not have people coming to us for their answers, but instead, many have been like mothers who don’t “let go” of their grown sons. At the time that the sons (the “Word of God” developed in us) are meant to be on their own ministering to lost people in the world and in the place of rulership, such mothers provide for all their needs with 50, 60, 70 year olds expecting “Mama Church” to still feed them.

God took the kingdom away from King Saul because, first of all, it was never His will that a “man” be the people’s head. He, ALONE, wanted to rule them, not a carnal man; The soul in disobedient men can NEVER rule in the kingdom of God,…. ONLY the “Spirit” can with the soul that has been cleansed and made ONE with God’s Spirit. The wrong “head” with its wrong thinking and disobedience are the causes of all men and women’s downfalls, so hear it: Enablers are those who don’t say anything or do anything when wrongs are committed… Yay, when our and other people’s ways and thoughts that are contrary to God’s ways and thoughts are not addressed, we are not only responsible for the downfall of society, but our own downfall as well. Yes, every one of us is called to be “brave” and to be “the light” that reproves evil actions and the people who commit them. (Ephesians 5: 13) Truly, people can not be set free without our being obedient to speak the truth in love.

I realize that some of us, myself included, have not been strong enough to do this at times. We have had the devil come against us in many, many ways-…. financially, physically through sickness, mentally through wrestling with unbelief, and much more. Consequently, we’ve let a lot of things go on unaddressed, and God Who is merciful and kind, understands, but hear this: There is a time to grow up and to take possession, and Hallelujah!: For some of us, that time is NOW.

The Bible plainly teaches that we are NEVER to defend ourselves when we are being persecuted for the gospel’s sake, ….. that we are to render good for evil, and to bless, not curse. However, concerning the injustices committed against us that have nothing to do with our preaching the gospel and our stand in the Word of God, we are no longer to remain “victims.” God sits on the throne, and it’s time that He’s seated on the “throne of our hearts” in order for us to take dominion over the tyrants that have tried to bring us into captivity, and sometimes have done so. The FIRST dominion is to be given to the daughter of Zion (Micah 4: 8) which signifies that the soul through her total union with the Spirit of God will rule over ALL her enemies. Yay, the daughter of Zion will then permanently dwell in the Holy Of Holies spiritually fulfilling the “Feast of Tabernacles.

Don’t you know?: YOU are that ONE called to crush the devil’s head, so come on: Rise up and do it! It’s time!!!

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