Getting In “The Know”

A few days ago, the Lord commanded me in a strong, compelling voice: “Michele, put your feet in the stirrups!” I remembered a time that I didn’t, and oh my, what a sore behind I had! I was on a date with a guy who took me horseback riding-…. something I had wanted to do since I was a little girl, and oh, was I excited about it. He, unlike the Lord, gave me no instructions except how to mount that creature who if it could talk was probably saying: “Oh brother! (In this case: sister): You’re gonna get a ride you didn’t count on! “Sigh! Don’t we all? I remembered my mama, a bare-back rider, telling me that she did it with her inner thighs. Hah! So off I went trying to grip that horse’s saddle with my thighs, not using the stirrups at all, except to let my feet dangle in them.

Alas, I think I have been doing a lot of that spiritually. Yes, my loins have been gird about with truth…. I have grabbed hold of the Word of God, gripping the knowledge the Lord has given to me with my spiritual thighs, but the truth can’t just sit there like the “Dead Sea.” We, and it, must move like a flowing river and pump out the Word of the gospel like a heart pumping life’s blood into every part of our being.

As you can see, the scripture I chose to put on my blog’s front page is: “The sun of righteousness shall rise with healing in His wings” accompanying it with a photo of a winged horse. A horse represents the power of God; the sun is light (revelation); righteousness and prayer (wings) are what undergird it, but my photo didn’t portray anyone riding it because it’s Christ moving the power… Yay, no longer us manifesting our souls, but Christ manifesting as us. Our soul cooperates with Him (is “one” with Him) by putting “metal to the pedal” (putting our feet in the stirrups.)

After getting this word from the Lord, I found myself singing: “Ya gotta know how to go ‘in the know.’” The “know” includes saying “No!” to Satan and making decrees of God’s Word that apply to our situations, and the etymology of the word “stirrup” gave some interesting information for us to “ride with”: It literally means a “climbing rope,” from “a climbing, ascent” (see stair,) and is also a surgical device in childbirth! Wow! What can I say now, but “Push, push!” and “Giddyup! Giddyup! Giddyup!… Get you up to the secret place of the stairs,” and from there, give birth. It’s from this place of ascension that our decrees have power!

Brethren, it’s time we rode our white horses to victory… Yay, the time has come to move on into perfection and give birth to glory, power and the resurrected life of Christ in us. Tell me: WHO’ll be proclaiming: “Christ is risen in me! The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord?” I’ll tell you who: If you put your feet in the stirrups and ride like the dickens using all of God’s strength and power,….

it’ll be YOU!!

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