Shoulder Power

Her shoulder hurt: It was so painful, she feared to move it, but if this weak one didn’t, she wouldn’t see the light of day: Darkness would cling to her like an usurper stealing the destiny of one called to rise up and take dominion. Oh yes, darkness of understanding has the power to rob and kill.

No one has been called to remain as a baby always dependent on a mother, …. and she had been such a one looking to her to do what she was now able to do for herself… How she longed to be in the place of safety again in the womb where she wouldn’t have to do anything!

Ah, but that was about to change because the “Anointed One” had become fully aware that if she did not move her shoulder, she would not come forth as “Shekinah.”…. Not only her bridegroom, but the whole world was waiting for “Shekinah” to arise and take her place….

“Woman, what have I to do with thee?” she bellowed…..

It was the beginning!

Categories: Allegories, Writings

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