Getting Trained

When a dog trainer, sometimes known as a dog whisperer, whispers to a dog, its ears perk right up. We’ve got better than a dog trainer in us, even a manchild trainer, but often our ears don’t respond so quickly. Have you ever heard Him say, but not in a whisper: “Oh you, who are dull of hearing and of little faith! How long am I going to put up with you?” I  have, but thankfully not spoken so bluntly. God’s word doesn’t come back void, so sooner or later, we do “get it”…. and hallelujah, we not only get it, we get HIM in fullness of glory if we endure to the end. 

I’ve had a lot of “hard to learn” lessons in my lifetime recorded on my little fanny, but the one I’m going to tell you about now, is a whopper that has left a very wide striped mark. I’m also going to share the “sweet somethings” He whispered to me after my folly was over: The Lord NEVER has “sweet nothings” to say…. Whatever He says and does are “powerful somethings, indeed!!”

I have been in the furnace of affliction that’s been heated seven times hotter than the last one these past few weeks, and that one was pretty darn hot. I have to admit I was not the faithful follower John was-…. relaxed, leaning on the Lord’s breast and fully trusting in Him. I shook to the dance: “There’s a whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on,” even despite the Lord giving me the word “refuge.” Oh but hallelujah! We are being saved by HIS faith, and HE is faithful. In a weak moment while taking high doses of prednisone and unable to sleep, I listened to messages on the Internet, one after another, and opened myself up to the occult with demons attacking me in a way I had never been assailed before. I was taking prednisone because the new doctor I just visited for an annual check-up gave me a shot that my weakened immune system couldn’t handle and I broke out in a very bad rash and had a severe flare-up in my joints. Walking was almost an impossibility, and on top of that, I broke out with Shingles. If there was ever such a thing as a “crown of torment,” I was wearing it.

I had had one pneumonia shot 10 years ago, and because I hadn’t had the second one, the doctor strongly recommended my getting it. I would never have taken a vaccination recently manufactured if I knew that was what it was, and how guilty I felt afterwards about blindly going along with what the doctor recommended without consulting the Lord. Yes, I know we’re not supposed to walk in condemnation, but I did, and was letting the devil beat me up over it. How many like me have done this, even though we know better?

Then I made matters worse by listening to a message having an occult door in it. I had to fling myself in the water like Peter did and get washed in the “water of the Word.” Hallelujah that we can get clean as though we never sinned, and HE gets the glory, not us. Yes, we all have flesh that causes us to realize how much we need Jesus, and how faithful and merciful He is. I am still in a battle, but I’ve won the lottery….  As I shared in my last post, my grand-son, “the grand Word-son” in me, said so, and so have all of you won it, even though you may not know it yet.  I love Peter and I love Jesus: Don’t you?

So now I gotta tell you the “whisper” that was a breath refresher, heart changer and the power that raised me up to see the victory… Just one word from His divine lips did it-… even the same word, but a different one, that He spoke to the disciples who were terrified in the boat when the storm came. Yes, Jesus came walking on the water of my troubles, and whispered: “Be of good cheer” in a way that I would know that I know it was the Lord talking to me: That word came like a flaming arrow in my mind which I thought had an opposite meaning of what it was. My heart sank when I heard it, but when I looked it up online, what I discovered lit the candle on top of my “Birthing-Truth” cake. The word was “sanguine,” and it means: “optimistic or positive, especially in a bad or difficult situation”…. “hopeful, buoyant, confident, cheerful, cheery, assured, bright”! Oh, oh, oh! The “Great Man-Whisperer” knows how to get the unbelief (dog) out, and the believing “faith-full” golden retriever in us yipping for joy!! What can I say now, but “Yip! Yip! Yippee! I’m getting trained!”

Note of warning: Today, there are many teachings on ascension, and I believe that the experiences of being lifted up in the Spirit when we pray and worship are of the Lord… I have had them and they’re wonderful, but we can get into trouble when we seek experiences, especially when we try to induce them. This falls into the category of “intentions for self,” not for God. The message I listened to that had demons accompanying it was given by a brother who has had true revelations from God that had blessed me in the past. Consequently, I wasn’t as alert as I should have been. He added a “breathing exercise” in it-…. a ritual of five breaths that I participated in, which I now know was an occult ritual. It opened the door to my experiencing what were non-stop moving visions, flashes, whirling objects, and more that came when my eyes were both open and shut. I couldn’t stop them from coming until after I recognized and closed the opening that gave the phenomenon access. My mind which was still intact was very aware that this was not of God and it was extremely frightening to me. I exercised my authority over it in the name of Jesus and by His blood, and two other prayer partners prayed powerfully with me for my deliverance as well, so thank God, I no longer am no longer under that oppression.

It was humbling to tell you about all this, but I have shared my experiences because I don’t want any of you to go through what I just did. We all have ways that are not like His and do things we wish we hadn’t done, eh? The Apostle Paul told us that he didn’t do what he wanted to and did what he wasn’t supposed to do, explaining that it was his flesh and not who he was…. It’s so important to realize that God does not condemn us and neither are we to condemn ourselves or others either. We are our Lord’s “Beloved” and precious to Him, here on earth simply to learn and to exchange our ways for His.

And oh brother! Am I ever learning!!

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