A Dream That Shall Come True

I had written the message given to me a few days ago, but I had to wait on the Lord before I could deliver it. The following allegory was given to me early this morning, and I believe I had to wait because this was to be shared first. I call it:

The Power of Humiliation

“Rejected” wept bitter tears. She was the King’s daughter, “The Beloved,” but she had few friends and didn’t know why that was. While it was true that her father loved her and that He was the One Who opened the doors of opportunity for her and all who were in his kingdom, each man’s will determined whether or not the opportunity available to them would have positive results…. Alas, “Rejected” experienced the doors being slammed in her face time and time again. The King was greatly saddened when he saw his daughter having no fruit to give to His people…. Fruit could only be born by having active, loving relationships, but “Rejected” had none because she was full of herself…. She was a “know it all,” who interrupted people’s speech thinking her knowledge was superior. Even though she had been taught to honor those who had the rule over her, she believed that she knew more than they did, and usurped their authority all the time. 

In the kingdom, those who had rule over others, did not have titles or wore  clothing that indicated their position of authority. It was to be discerned only by the Spirit, and “Rejected” was oblivious to the Kingdom’s inner ways because she was full of pride. “I am the King’s daughter,” she thought. “None of his servants are equal to me.” Oh how much she had to learn and how unteachable she presently was. Her pushy, self-aggrandizing, controlling self was in for a great downfall. 

Her father seeing what terrible shape she was in, sent his beloved servant “Humiliation” to her, and opened wide “THE DOOR” that he knew would change her life which was called: “Learn Your Lesson.”

Ah, when the king’s daughter, who had always been accepted in the Beloved in the Spirit even while she lived as the rejected one in her flesh, would live her new name after she received and loved “Humiliation” as her tutor, and yes, best friend for a season. When she finished all the courses “Humiliation” had prepared for her under her father’s instruction, she would be given the crown of life and be called “Glory,” the name chosen for her from the beginning of time. 

Do you know that her story is OURS? If you don’t, you will, and it will be a happy day when you finally learn YOUR lessons”!

This is the dream I had a few nights ago that came after I labored to birth truth concerning a short lived relationship I was in: A woman barged through an unlocked door to my home with two dogs, and she wrapped their leashes around the door knob. I was resting on the couch in a dimly lit room. She told me that she wanted me to take care of those dogs, and when I said that I couldn’t do it, she left. I didn’t realize that she had taken my iPhone with her until a little while later, and I was very upset about it, …. especially that my contact numbers and email addresses were no longer available. 

In the next scene, my grandson, Tanner, came bursting through the door, highly exhilarated, and I noticed how grown-up he looked, and so handsomely dressed. When I told him what had happened and how upset I was, he queried his head  and replied: “ That’s strange! I just had a dream about you that you won the lottery!”

I believe this dream is about someone forcing her will on me…. something that happens to all of us, eh? A dog is symbolic of emotions and also, of unbelief. I found one of the meanings of a knob is “the need to control.” It’s also “the means by which one can seize an opportunity,” and a leash can represent “an attempt to control love and loyalty.” 

The Bible states we are to bear each other’s burdens, but it also says that each is to bear his own….We must do our own homework, not another’s, so it’s vitally important to discern who and who not to help. In this case, I was not to assist this woman, and when I didn’t consent to take care of what she needed to do for  herself, she not only left, but took something of mine.

When we give our time to those who should be helping themselves, it is stealing the precious time of communication (the iPhone) meant for those God has ordained for us to be with. God loves all of His children, but He wants us to be intimate with the ones HE chooses, as only He knows what people need. We see by His example when He walked here on earth, that he wasn’t with everybody: He chose only twelve men, but three of those twelve had more time with Him than the others, eh? 

When this is understood and we can no longer be manipulated or taken advantage of, we have come into maturity illustrated in the dream by Tanner being all grown up. Now is the time for the “GRAND-son (the Word) manifested in the third realm of the Feast of Tabernacles) appearing IN us, as us and we can not afford to be sidetracked.  A tanner is one who tans a hide and my grandson Tanner, represents beating the flesh, bringing it under subjection. It has always been difficult for me to turn away from  someone who wanted my love and attention…. It has felt like I was rejecting them, but not so. God will work with each of His own meeting their needs in His way, and I have been brought into a place of maturity through realizing this, hence being free to attend to our Father’s business. My grandson being fully grown and finely dressed (in the garment of salvation) indicates my flesh has been beaten down, and that my time has arrived. 

Being seated on a couch means to be in a place of rest, not “doing,” which I was to come to see more clearly. The room being dimly lit, signifies that there was still some darkness of understanding in me that would be exposed. All of God’s  children are precious to Him, and I, as well as the woman, need to rest and trust God to do whatever needs to be done. 

My grandson’s dream was and is a wonderful encouragement to me, as the lottery is symbolic of a lot of power and resources gained through no effort…. There was no need for me to lose my peace over what had transpired, for all things do work for the good for those of us who love the Lord and are the called according to HIS purpose. 

Is that you? If you are pressing on walking closely with truth and repentance, knowing that you haven’t arrived YET,…..Yes, that’s YOU and it’s me, too, destined for glory! Hallelujah!

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  1. Sounds like a weird dream to me. I have had a lot of them. At least with yours you know the meaning. With mine usually I do not know what they mean until three days later when something happens and it reveals what the dream meant.


    • As far as can tell, Joseph, none of my dreams are connected with something happening three days later. I think God works differently with each of us, eh? Thank you so much for taking your precious time to write me a comment. It encouraged me to know you gave some thought to my writing.
      Blessings and much love,


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