Getting Free

She was named “Glad Tidings,” but her father “Bent On Hell,” (known as just “Hell”) secretly changed it. He was a warlock disguised as a great man of God, and had done the devil’s biddings for a long time. All the women in his family had the names of known witches given to them, and his daughter’s name would be no exception. Unbeknownst to anyone, he had a corrupt judge secretly change the name on her birth certificate to “Pernicious,” his favorite name. “Hell” was very much aware that what you called a person was what he or she would become, and “Pernicious” would take hold, being that a father’s word had the final say, or so he thought. He privately called her this and taught her the devious ways that would afterwards become her identity, succeeding well by using all his witchcraft powers. Oh yes, “Pernicious” would be a child after his own heart. 

“Hell” uttered the names that came with accompanying demons for all the people to be called by who lived in what he called “his town,”… the city of the  “Blindly Persuaded.” He had great joy in knowing he was a “destiny caller” and that he pleased the devil very much by the evil, deadly destructive names he gave voice to that were conceived by Satan in his mind. The devil’s plan was for “Pernicious” to be a femme fatale who would seduce all the men in the city, and this chosen one by him was a suitable pick for such a role as she was beautiful, intelligent and charming. She had an air about her that was often haughty, but because of her great beauty and witchcraft powers, it did not deter men from wanting her and pursuing her avidly. “Pernicious” was not known by this name by the people who thought she was someone to make their hearts glad because of her name “Glad Tidings.” She craved the men’s attention, but since her heart was icy cold, no man could get close to her. She used them all to gain whatever she wanted, and her wants were many for what money could buy. She was rich,…. very rich, but she was  never content, always wanting more and more. 

Her mother, “Pursuer of truth,” was a devoted follower of Christ, and was  deeply saddened by what she saw happening to her beloved daughter. God had put a strong love in her heart for her only child, and no matter what wicked acts she committed, or what hateful words her daughter spoke, “Pursuer of Truth” looked past them, and by faith saw her as what God intended her to be. This godly mother believed with all her heart that her daughter would not only have glad tidings for the world, but be them. 

However, before this could be, this mother first had to be changed. She had disobeyed her father “Alive in Christ,” when she married “Hell,” but later deeply regretted it after “Hell” showed his true disposition. Her father had warned her that it would be a disastrous mistake to marry him, but “Hell” had cast a spell over her, and her heart was caged. No one with a caged heart was free to make their own decisions, and she was to realize soon enough, how bad hers had been. In His mercy, after this disobedient one suffered long, God sent the angels “Repentance,” and “Forgiveness” to her, and their words brought the initial change that would not only set her free, but her daughter, her husband and the whole town of “Blindly Persuaded,” as well. Until then, she would have to patiently trust that the words of life she spoke over herself and her family would bring about her heart’s desire. Yes, she did desire to see her husband changed, for God gave her eyes to see that even the most wicked men could not stand in their unrighteousness when the King of Kings fully revealed Himself to them. Before the devil got hold of “Hell,” he had the name “Innocence,” and after the Lord Jesus Christ rose from the dead years ago, He made the way every man would become transformed by the renewing of their minds. It was not impossible for a treacherous mind to be transformed, and not only was “Innocence” going to regain his beautiful name, but all the world would be brought into the “Innocent State,”…. the state in which new life could be birthed. 

“Pursuer of Truth” had her work cut out for her, and had the faith to see the things she desired come to pass because it was the Lord’s faith. When the knowledge of the truth she sought was given to her, love,…. even great love for ALL was added with it. The Lord gave her a dream in which she was shown what her husband had done and that he was a warlock. It was also revealed that while it was true that a husband’s word had the final say, her spiritual husband’s word trumped that word. It was the “Father in Heaven” who had inspired “Glad Tidings” as her daughter’s given name, and His word never, never, NEVER came back void. In the dream, a cross of fire was given to “Pursuer of Truth,” with an angel called “Salvation to Come” announcing its purpose: “This cross is the means of not only your salvation, but the salvation of the whole world, for through it, you shall be empowered to follow Jesus in full surrender. You shall learn the way of love, and love never fails!”

When “Pursuer of Truth” awakened from the dream, she was astonished. There was so much to comprehend all at one time, but she had the mind of Christ and was given great courage to accept the truth. She received it readily as  tremendous light had come and exposed all the darkness of understanding that had been in her mind for such a long time. It was exhilarating because her own name was being changed to “Truth,” and soon, “Glad Tidings’” name” would be “real-i-zed,” too. “Hell” would be so completely changed by the power of love that would come from his wife, that he would hardly be recognized as  even his features would be different. A bright light would shine out of his face by the time the work of the Lord was completed in him. Ah, the power of the cross and love would break the bars of the cage “Truth” had been in, and overcome the power of darkness her husband and child had been bound by. And oh, oh, oh! The town of “Blindly Persuaded” was destined to become changed to “The New Jerusalem,” known for its light, life and glory… The witness of “Truth” and “Innocence Regained,” along with “Glad Tidings,” was going to change everyone!

Do you who read this allegory know that their story is yours and mine, too? The powers of darkness and witchcraft have held us captive far too long! Soon and very soon, a new song shall be heard by all in heaven and on earth when the redeemed of the Lord shall return, and come with singing unto Zion.

Oh what a day that shall be!

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