Honeysuckle: We Gotta Have It

“Lover of Truth” was full of wisdom and knowledge because she had studied God’s Word diligently, and listened to the Holy Spirit with a heart to obey Him, even in the tiniest matters. Being filled with the Spirit of God, she had His glory, walking with confidence that He would always guide her into truth. She was well aware that without truth she would be the devil’s prey, confused, and lost in the world without purpose and direction.

When she would sit at “Wisdom”’s feet, she would be filled with wonder, and its power took form in her. This one was destined to be crowned with twelve stars on her head and to birth the manchild who would rule the world-….truly, a wonder! “Wisdom” admonished her daughter with great tenderness, yet in a strong voice: “Know that dark days are ahead of you, and there shall be war in Heaven. You must gather myrrh for seven years before you will be crowned and face the powers of darkness that will try to rob you of your glory. Not only will you need myrrh to fulfill your destiny, but you will need honeysuckle too, and when you have what is your portion, the myrrh and honeysuckle will change their form and become the material for your throne.

I, your mother am empowering you with my essence and it will be in the wind of your breath, even a mighty wind that will blow upon the earth and turn all the leaves of the trees into gold. Butterflies will be in the wind that you blow upon people, and powerful, life-giving words shall flow out of you. You shall transform the world, my daughter, due to the meek and quiet spirit you have been given. It is your spirit that will be joined to the spirit of the Lord Himself, and out of your oneness, new worlds will come.

I have prophesied these words to you so that you will have the divine nature by believing the promises I have spoken to you. It is time for you to be fully armed for the “Conflict” that must come before you are crowned.”

“Lover of Truth” never forgot the words “Wisdom” spoke. She never dreamed though, that the journey would be so long and that “Trouble” and “Persecution” would become her friends…. Yes, in the end she saw them as friends because without them, she couldn’t change, and without change, her destiny couldn’t be fulfilled. At first she thought the devil had sent them, but her dearest friend of all, “Eye-Opener,” told her the truth that few on the earth would come to know: “It is God Who creates peace and Who creates evil. (Isaiah 45: 7) It is He Who prepares the furnace of affliction through which all flesh activities cease to be! KNOW that without “Trouble” and “Persecution,” the fires could not be stirred up to accomplish their purpose. Ah “Lover of Truth,” it is THIS knowledge that will save you, keeping your spirit alive in the great fire in the furnace of affliction that shall not burn you.”

“Love of Truth” understood “Eye-Opener”’s words because the spirit of revelation made them real to her,…. even more real that anything her five senses told her,…. and oh my, those five senses were always trying to rule her, but couldn’t because her heart was pure. Because she was not only a lover of the truth, but of the Holy Ghost’s power and of the Father’s ways, it was not possible for the devil to defeat her.

Do you know who she is, “Beloved?” Of course you, who have gathered your myrrh and have made honeysuckle your own do: She’s the “Elect”!

She’s YOU!

*Note: Honey represents the wisdom of God that enlightens the eyes and the honeysuckle vine is symbolic of the tree of life. “Wisdom is a tree of life to those who take hold of her.” (Proverbs 3: 18) The fragrance of the honeysuckle is one of the sweetest of all and is representative of the “essence-ministry” giving forth the fragrance of the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Myrrh represents “suffering” and so it is that “If we suffer with Him, we will reign with Him.”(2 Timothy 2: 12) Hallelujah!

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  1. I like the part where you wrote “It is God Who creates peace and Who creates evil.” We go through suffering as preparation for salvation. This is a powerful message. Thanks


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