Giving A Hoot

The Holy Spirit is not only like a dove: He’s like a great horned owl whose “hoo hoo’s” are calls in the darkness of my mind for me to follow you know “who.” Yes, first and foremost, it’s Jesus, and also the ones who are seated in the tree of wisdom eating and bearing His fruit. Twice “Wisdom” hooted “Baruch” in my tongues whose name means “blessed” which comes from the verb “to kneel and to bless.” Truly we are blessed and become blessers when we ascend in prayer free, like birds winging it and cooing praises to our King…. But when we don’t kneel in prayer,…. when we don’t bow low to the only One who can save us, we’re cursed.

Baruch is a horned (powerful) one, “who” we are to hear now, having a message for us in this dark hour. Oh yes: He’s calling “Hoo Hoo” (“Who Who” in our vernacular) to those of us called to preach the gospel in this age. In this godly man’s prayer to the “Mighty One” recorded in the book called by his name, Baruch stated that “God didn’t reveal His mysteries to many.” Hear it: Not many know God’s wondrous revelations, or even know what’s really going on in the world. Only those who obey the Lord do. Far too many in the body of Christ who have the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and yes, even those who preach and teach the Word of God, are not obedient and hence, have no discernment. Truly, if we were obedient people, our land would be healed and we would be prospering and flourishing in all we set our hands to do. (2 Chronicles 7: 14.) Baruch’s name tells us that blessing comes through kneeling,… through intimate prayer by which we can hear God and know His thoughts and ways. Tell me: Do you know them?

When I went to bed last night, in a half-awake, half-asleep state, this vision came: I saw a car approach a drive-in window of a bank, and the shade was drawn down covering the window completely. The word “CLOSED” was written on it in bold letters.

I see the vision as a strong warning to not be deceived by the propaganda we are being fed. Our money is NOT safe as we are being told. Here in America, Yellen just announced that ALL deposits will be completely covered,…. Hah! It’s by money being printed out with nothing backing it, and so just how long can that go on? Are your eyes opened to see that the law for FDA protection of up to $250,000 of bank deposits has subtly been replaced with most people not realizing it. Listen, they can and are changing whatever laws there are in the books at THEIR WILL, even the ones established by our constitution. Let’s not forget what Nazi Germany did, and even recently how Canada’s froze people’s bank accounts. Do you really believe that this won’t be occurring again?

Last night it was in the news that Britain will be sending depleted uranium shells to Ukraine, and Putin has made it known that he will be forced to react if Britain goes through with its intent to give Kiev this ammunition. How many understand that it is NOT Russia who has made the first step toward nuclear warfare? Yet Russia will be the one blamed if a nuclear war begins. Oh unholy nations of this world: WHAT have you done?!

What recourse does Putin have after warning the west: “DO NOT send these uranium shells that have a nuclear component in them to Ukraine,” and here they have ignored his warning, just as Nato ignored and broke the agreement that they made with Russia 20 years ago promising that they would not expand territory eastward from Germany. How would any other nation like it if foreign countries’ missiles were on the lands surrounding them? Nato is supposedly going against Russia out of concern for the Ukrainian people, many of whom are Russian speaking and want to be part of Russia. Tell me: How is it of no concern to them when these shells are associated with high risks of cancer, miscarriages, birth defects and more? The dust from them can get into lungs and into other vital organs, and Geiger counter readings at contaminated sites in Iraq where this ammunition had been used before, have shown radiation levels from 1.000 to 1,900 times higher than normal. The wickedness of man is beyond anything we have ever imagined! The media has censored and suppressed Russia’s side of the story and many of God’s people don’t know the truth concerning this. How many realize that Russia righteously has laws against the sins mentioned in the Bible (abortions, homosexuality, other sexual perversions and more) that the United Nations and other supposedly Christian countries are PROMOTING? Just whose side do you think God is on??

Hear what is written in the book of “Baruch”: “For lo! the days come, when EVERYTHING that exists will become the prey of corruption.” Are we not in such a day NOW?! But Baruch admonished God’s people that if they would prepare their hearts (with a view to a new heaven and a new earth,) they would be protected in the time in which God is going to shake the whole creation. He made the statement that “God always enlightens those who are led by understanding;…. that corruption will take those who belong to it, and life those that belong to it.”

The question that is going to be asked of every one of us is: “Do you know the truth?” Thank God: Some of us do. The truth is a person who is going to save us! Hallelujah that the way, the truth and life is coming!

Whoo Whoo! Wisdom is declaring it!

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