Yikes! A Mouse!

When I turned 13 yrs. old, I no longer wanted to be called “Michele,” a name in the 1940’s and 1950’s that was little known. I was the only one called by it in my school, and I wanted to be like everyone else who had a “common” name. So I became “Mickey,” and with my new name came new character traits. Mickey is the name of a mouse and I was one in ways I didn’t recognize until now. Most people associate a mouse with being timid or shy, but what I later learned that had become a part of my nature, was not timidity.

When I became a Christian at the age of 26, one of the first things the Lord told me was that He desired that I be called by my given name. At that time, I didn’t know that what you call something is what you get, and I’m thankful that I was going to become what Michele means (She who is like God,) not like a knockout drug or like a mouse.

Many people don’t think that Christians can have demons living in them, and Maria and Jake, spiritual overseers in my life when I was young in the Lord, believed that way. But thank God, I came to know that indeed, Christians can have and do have demons, and that I, indeed, had spirits that needed to be cast out of me. Praise God that the spirits have been addressed little by little since then. You would think that after 54 years of knowing the Lord, they’d all be gone, eh? It took the Israelites 40 years to make it to the promised land driving out all the squatters they had to conquer, but there were giants in the promised land that they never confronted, eh? What about us?

Andromeda, the constellation in the stars is depicted as having chains binding her, symbolizes the church that is bound. Her name means: “ruler of men,”…. “leader of humankind,”…. “….”advising like a man,”….”mindful of her husband,” and more. I especially like “mindful of her husband,” as it is through having the quality of being mindful of our Lord, that all His attributes become ours. 

However, as long as the church is bound, how can she take dominion and rule here on earth? Praise God the law of the spirit of life is at work setting us, the church composed of stars, free from the law of sin and death…. Oh yes, God has promised that HE will perfect us. Some of the spirits that have taken up residence in us have been with us a long time, and some we’ve not even been aware of until now. God told the Israelites that they were not able to drive out all the inhabitants in the land that they were to possess at once, and it is the same for us.

I’m sure that most of you reading this do not think of a little mouse as a giant…. Ah, but anything little that we don’t deal with becomes bigger and bigger, and before we know it, that little thing is ruling us… Yes, a giant! Many times I have shared with you that I have been disobedient to the Lord’s will in seemingly small matters, but it’s the little foxes that spoil the vine that can  become giant foxes in the end robbing us of our destinies. Don’t you love it, that God is faithful, even we’re not. We can bank on Him delivering us as long as we are looking to Him and believing that He’ll do it.

Not too long ago when I was praying with a good friend, a vision came out of the blue (heaven’s might) of a mouse that was in the bottom of my feet coming up all the way through me and then out of my mouth. I had some manifestations of being delivered of it, but still didn’t  know what the mouse represented. But I wasn’t in the dark for long. 

I believe everyone is affected by mice to one degree or another, as they spiritually are sly habits of self-indulgence. In the “Letter of Aristas” found in “The Forgotten Books of Eden,” this question was asked: “Why is it that the majority of men never become virtuous?” Yes, it has to do with mice (my words that coincide with the answer written in Chapter 10 of that letter):  “Because all men are by nature intemperate and inclined to pleasure. Hence injustice springs up, and a flood of avarice. The habits of virtue is a hindrance to those who are devoted to a life of pleasure, because it enjoins them the preference of temperance and righteousness. For it is God, who is the master of these things.”

Oh brethren, I love it that God has delivered, is delivering and will deliver us. At the time He revealed that the mouse/spirit was in me, I was not praying for myself. HE initiated this work which is still going on…. Oh what goodness and mercy! Andromeda’s chains are being broken. 

Now look up into the heavens and see the stars of all the constellations declaring the story of our salvation. (Psalm 19:1) When our Lord said “It is finished,” that work included the ridding of all the mice that have robbed us of our victory. In a fable most of us know, the Pied Piper came to a place called “Rainbow Valley,” and led all the children away as well as the rats. The antithesis of him, is our great Savior leading all the children back into the kingdom as he drives away the mice by His spirit. The rainbow represents His His sevenfold in operation, and through it, our valley days are coming to an end brethren. It is the ‘Mountain of the Lord” we’ll be standing on when “Temperance” (self-control, which is the last fruit of the spirit) finally replaces “Self-Indulgence.” On THAT day our fruit of temperance will be fully ripened…..

and don’t you know?: There’ll be no more church mice then! Oh happy day!

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