The Question

I love dreams because they talk to me in picture form, and how I love to “get the picture” of what God is saying. He reveals things I don’t know, as well as confirming the truth I do know, and last night’s dream was no exception:

I initially was driving on a narrow country road with many large trees adorning its sides, and from there I saw the one who had a message for God’s people. She was with a woman who I thought was her sister because they looked so very much alike, but later the one who really was her sister was shown to me and she didn’t look anything like her at all. 

In the next scene, I was outside a house, not inside, where I was talking to a very heavy set woman who had a crew-cut hair style and was very   butch-looking. I had a shiny ceramic piece of pottery that had many different shades of blue in it, and something else that this woman took and put on a picnic table in the woods. 

While I was talking with her, she embraced me, and somehow she encompassed me between her legs in a way that I can’t find the words to describe. She told me that she wanted to feel my breasts against her. I quickly was able to get out of her grip telling her that when I moved in the spirit I had to have freedom. I explained that the Holy Ghost’s manifestation through my body was not to be hindered, or words to that effect. 

Next, I think I was inside the house conversing with the woman who was to give the message. In the last scene I was driving away on a country road that was only wide enough for one car when I realized I needed to go back to get the ceramic piece and other object, but the road was so narrow that for quite a distance there was no place to turn around. Finally, there was a widened space to do it, and the dream ended with me going to get my possessions. 

As you probably know by reading some of my previous writings, my initial reaction was: “Huh?” So here we are together on the path of discovery to have my question answered as I write this. I think of the lyrics of an old song by John Denver with the words: “Country road, take me home to the place I belong.” Yay, take us home to where you are Lord,…. to the house in which truth dwells and where we are “one.”

I believe that we are living in the days likened to Noah’s now, and what we see prevalently in our face is perverted sex-….. homosexuality, lesbianism, transgenderism, drag queen story hours, and more. Truly, the world is being dragged down by what God says are “abominations,” but just like dreams, they have messages of truth in them for us. Those perversions are types and shadows of what many of God’s people are doing SPIRITUALLY. Everywhere we look the truth is being mixed with error, and the Harlot church has promoted these deadly mixtures for centuries. In our ignorance brethren, we have bought into lies, not buying the truth, but purchasing mixtures instead, which is a little bit of truth defiled by errors and deception.

Two is the number that represents witnessing, and when something is “put on the table,” it’s “up for discussion.” My ceramic pottery is a symbol of an earthen vessel and the bright shades of blue covering it represent heaven and might, so I see this piece of pottery as both heaven and earth as one, with different realms (shades) of heaven manifested through light seen by its brightness. Ceramic pottery is made of clay that has gone through the FIRE and my earthen vessel has definitely gone through many fires, and so has yours. God is the potter and we are the clay, eh? I don’t know what the other item  was on the table, but I believe that we are a witness sometimes when we don’t realize we are, having His life worked in us unbeknownst to us.

In the beginning of the dream I assumed that the woman in it was a sister because of the way she looked, but she was not. How often appearances deceive us, whether it be a word that sounds true to our reasoning mind, or a person claiming to be a Christian who is not. The Bible states that the wheat is to grow up with the tares UNTIL the time that they mature, and it is THEN that God will send his angels (messengers who proclaim the truth to us.) Through the truth being revealed, the wheat shall be separated from the tares-…. The errors will be removed, and it is also THEN that we will know who is of God and who isn’t. 

The butch looking woman was what a lesbian spiritually represents, being one who does not have the Lord as her head, but another head instead, even the carnal mind. This one was portrayed outside, not inside (in the spirit residing in the dwelling place of God,) but the Lord pleads with all flesh, eh? He, through us, reveals the truth giving people an opportunity to know Him. That the ceramic piece was put “on the table” reveals that the truth was being discussed, but it was in the woods, and wood represents human nature. This woman’s nature wanted to take over me, wrapping herself around me desiring the nurture I had to give apart from God that was represented by my breasts. Thank God I was shown to resist that entanglement knowing I had to be free to move in the Spirit. 

Everyone of us has been deceived…. I do not know anyone who has come into perfection having no erroneous beliefs-…. Not me, not anyone YET.  In the dream, I initially didn’t discern the truth, mistaking the woman to be of the household of faith (a sister,) but then later came to know my error. The Lord has made it clear that it is the “anointing” that teaches us, and that establishes the truth. This is the hour that each one of us must test what we hear and believe.

When someone comes into our lives preaching, teaching, or even just sharing what they believe and it’s different from what we believe, that person may be an angel (messenger) sent to us…. We are called not to assume anything and test everything. God will give us an anointing, eventually if not immediately, if they are speaking the truth or He will  confirm what we know. We must have the truth digested and made flesh in us, not just embrace it as a mind consent. It will do us no good if we don’t have truth  as a living part of ourselves. Look at the Pharisees: They knew the “written word” backwards and forwards, but it was not the “living word,” which is the Word AND the Spirit.  

That I was driving on a “narrow” road indicates being on the narrow way that leads to life…. I had to contemplate much on that road, having my mind broadened before I could turn around. That was shown by my going a distance to find that wide place to make the u-turn. That beautiful piece of pottery was mine as well as the other witness of substance, and I had to make sure it was in my possession. 

This morning, just before having the dream, I was awake for a short period of  time when I heard the Lord ask: “My bride: Do you know you are radiant?” The etymology of radiant is: “shining, bright, emitting diverging rays of light” and is from “to beam, to shine.” Because I had the dream immediately after hearing that question, I believe the dream’s message is connected to it, especially with that earthen vessel that was heavenly which the pottery represented. The last place that the bride is seen in the Bible, she is coming down from heaven with the glory of God,…..even a holy city, radiant in beauty and honor. 

So the question is being asked to you now: “Do YOU know that you are radiant?” Ah, you do if you have the anointing!

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