It’s The Father’s Business

The word “beeswax” came flying through my mind like a stork carrying a newborn baby, but it was a dove, not a stork, that was bringing a new revelation to me. I had previously written about beeswax in another post, so I asked the Holy Spirit what more He wanted me to know. Immediately, the word: the “Father’s beeswax” came, like a honey bee buzzing a new sound to be heard.

Indeed, I was buzzing with the thought that when we receive Jesus as our savior, that’s the Lord’s beeswax (business), then when we have the Holy Ghost baptism, it’s the Holy Spirit’s work, and finally when we really mean business, it’ll be Father’s beeswax, the greatest enterprise of all. What will be built in us will be higher than the “Empire State Building,” and it won’t just reach up to the heavens:…..It’ll contain all of them. 

Honey bees make their hives in trees with wax secreted from their abdomens, and likewise, our spiritual, eternal bodies within are in a tree, too,….  even the tree of life from which wisdom builds us up. Did you know that bees have to pollinate one million flowers to produce enough honey to make just one ounce of wax? Whew! I never considered the amount of effort involved to make beeswax until now. I see this as a type and shadow of a wonderful truth: As we search our innermost beings, the wax drippings from the light of our candle (our spirit) becomes melted love that builds up our spiritual man. We are called to labor to enter into rest, eh? which is to be an eternal dwelling place,…. even a redeemed body. 

The etymology of “abdomen” led me to this meaning: “to make, do, perform, bring about.” Oh yes, this is our doing the will of our Father, even performing His business. Little by little, line upon line, the Word is being made spiritual flesh in us that will soon swallow up mortality as it bursts forth in its completeness. Oh hallelujah!

Song of Songs 5:1 states “I have come into my garden, my sister, my bride; to take my myrrh with my spice, my wax with my honey; my milk with my wine.” Oh, oh, oh! Think of it: He calls His bride “His wax!” So to you who are His honey pot and His fine wax, I say:

“Come on now! It’s time to ‘mind’ our beeswax,… even the Father’s beeswax, and be exactly like Jesus.

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  1. This is very good insight, being that we believers carry the Holy Spirit in our heart, or in our own spirit, It is reminiscent of the way that Jesus said it will be living water flowing up into eternal life, and as rivers from our bellies. Beeswax, I like it!.

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