I Got It And So Do You

I love surprises… We all do, unless they are bad ones, eh? We have a God Who loves to give His children gifts, and I was delighted to see the one I have coming through the vision He gave: I saw myself excitedly opening a humongous box wrapped in bright white paper with a shiny, big red bow on top of it, only to find a smaller version of the same wrapped box, and then the same package again and again, when finally in the fifth one was a small silver sword. I see this as being the interpretation: The sword is the gift of the “Word of knowledge” that is going to bring redemption, which the color silver symbolizes… Righteousness (the color white) and understanding (red) come with it. We are called to get wisdom and understanding with all our getting, which I was doing represented by my hands doing the opening up. Little, by little, the revelation shall come and our hope (the redemption of our bodies) will be finally manifested. That there were “five” boxes represents grace, not works, but there will still be faith’s works. The knowledge of the truth that sets us free comes through seeking and expecting our desired end by faith in action. Hallelujah! It’s coming!

Last night two more visions were given while I was praying with a precious sister in Christ who the Lord delights in,…. and me, too. He told her: “Shake your hands,” and when she did, a large golden key came out of her right one, which she then put in an ear. I believe that not only her ear will be opened, but that she will have the power to open the ears of others because of doing God’s will (her right hand,) imparting to them the knowledge the key has in it.

The next vision came after I heard the word “broken hearts,” and saw the hearts of several people. I was taking them out, spitting on them, and then putting them back in. Say: “What?!” What’s amazing is that I didn’t realize that my own heart had been healed until after I had this vision. At the age of 80, I have had my heart broken many, many times and the deepest hurts still remained. I would feel them again and again whenever I thought of the people who had wounded me. I stand here in wonder that it is not so now…. Truly, all things work for our good when we love God and follow Him…. All the pains and sorrows in life are destined to bring us to the place of being totally, wonderfully satisfied with the love of our Lord, and it’s through suffering and sorrows that our spit will then have healing power in it. Yay!: Those who are broken and then healed are the very ones who God will use to heal others. Aren’t you glad?

Our saliva is 99% water and water spiritually represents words, so I see spit as symbolic of God’s words that have become our personal essence. Look at how Jesus healed blind and deaf people with His spit. There is no literal way of taking spit to heal a heart, but spiritually there is, and I believe in this last hour,…. even now in the fullness of times, that God will be doing it through His people who have been wounded and then healed. 

I also had a vision of the Lord removing my tongue and saying that I was going to have a new one. Hmmm! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if that new tongue was a “tamed” one? “If any man offends not in word, the same is a perfect man, and able to bridle the whole body.” (James 3: 2) The Lord has been telling us that the time for going on into perfection has come, and it is our tongue speaking only God’s words by His Spirit that’s going to take us there…. This is HIS work!!Well my brethren, we were made to be God’s spit n’ image, so no longer will we be spittin’ mad;….

We’ll be spittin’ good!

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    • You did and your insights were deep. 🌟I love it when God’s people go beyond the surface. Yes, it’s good to have mud in our eyes when the Holy Spirit is the One Who puts it there, eh?
      Bless you for your mud, Pedro.

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