Getting In Line

According to the Free Dictionary, “to get in line” means “to become straight; to conform, adhere to, or agree with that which is established.” Truly, becoming free comes by our getting in line with the Word of God. Can you hear our Lord calling us to stand upright and “get in line” NOW? I sure can!

This is the dream He gave me: I was with a very handsome man who was going forward to stand in line. It seems that he was a car that didn’t look like a car which had two pillars that were different from each other. In the end of the dream, I was given a manual to learn how to operate it, and there was only one manual. I was made aware that there would be no one to consult with about it.

The Lord and I together was all that was needed: Truth, wisdom and understanding would come as I sought Him to give me the instructions for what I’m called to do. Yay, I can hear Him telling each one of us: “I’m going to “man you well” in your relationSHIP with me, bringing you on into perfection.”

“Hand” is in the word “handsome,” and since a car represents a ministry, I see the handsome man as symbolic of the work (hand) of the ministry which is now coming into line (being established.) When we’re in school we need teachers, but after we graduate, all that we’ve learned is to come together and to agree well (gel) just like one of my favorite desserts, tapioca pudding. Tapioca’s etymology comes from two words that mean “to squeeze out.” Oh yes, the Lord will be getting the juice of His word out through us who have been squeezed to the max in order to become transformed.

The two pillars that upheld the porch in Solomon’s temple were called “Boaz” (strength) and “Jachin” (God establishes.) This is the very work He is doing now in order for this promise of His to come true: The overcomer in the Philadelphian church, the church of brotherly love, shall be made a “pillar” in the temple of God…. even the temple that he or she is. Think of it: This one shall have both the spirit and the Word operating as one, hence both pillars will be joined…. The overcomer will be strong and well established, hallelujah!

Not only will those who overcome be made pillars, but the name of God, the name of the city of God “The New Jerusalem,” and His new name shall be written on them…. And hear it: They “shall go no more out” because they shall be filled and overflowing with God’s Spirit,… even juiced!! It’s this church who obeys the Lord’s commandments to love God and to love His people who will be kept from the hour of temptation which shall come upon the whole earth.” (Rev 3: 12)

So what does “kept from the hour of temptation” mean, eh? This is what I see type and shadow-wise: Jesus was brought into the wilderness where the devil tempted Him in all three areas of “the lust of the flesh, the lust of flesh and the pride of life.” He did not succumb to any of those temptations, and hence, the devil left Him. It was THEN that He began His ministry, and it shall be the SAME for the overcomers: They will be kept in the hour of temptation because of having overcome the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life prior to going forth in their ministries to those in the world who shall be tried.

Oh brethren, these will be strong indeed, well established, and soooo good looking,….. like the man in my dream! Hallelujah!

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