The Life Of Vision

It’s not what you think! it’s not a literal, sweet talkin’ guy that I have to be united to, but it’s that spiritual man who’s inside me. He gives me comfort, not trouble and is the only man I know that is completely trustworthy, dependable, and has no hang ups…. He is many faceted, and there’s no one more interesting or exciting than he is. I dreamt of him recently, so like any woman in love, I gotta tell you about him, and what’s so wonderful is that you won’t be jealous, because you can know him, too. Revealing Himself to us is HIS desire, and when we long to know more and more of Him,….when our flesh says: “I surrender!” He manifests like the noon day sun shining in splendor. This is the dream I had of him and also a picture of him in his next coming:

I entered a house going up three steps. Several people were in it and I found myself with a lovely, sweet-looking man. At one point I laid my head on his shoulder and we were together all throughout the dream. In the end when I was leaving, there was another man with incredibly very bright blue eyes who caught my attention. I had his as well. As I went to go out the door (a very dark door) I realized I was barefooted and needed to get my shoes. 

I believe that the three steps represent  three stages that we must go through in order to come into the full measure of the stature of Christ. The house is the dwelling place of God, the beautiful man represents faith, and my head on his  shoulder means that I was resting on faith’s government.The other man with the blue eyes, symbolizes “heavenly understanding (KNOWING)”….  and that they were bright with light shining through them represents “revelation.” When we see God as he is in whatever manifestation he presents himself to us in, we become what he is, eh?

I want to point out that God does not reveal all that He is at once…. that He appears to us in many forms: Abraham did not know God by His name/nature “Jehovah,” the law giver, only by the name of El Shadai (“the all-breasted One”,) Who is our provider. He appeared to Moses as a burning bush and revealed His name to be: “I Am That I Am.” When the disciples were on the Emmaus road, they did not recognize Him until they broke bread with Him, the One Who is the “Bread of Life.” We don’t know God as “Jehovah Rapha” (our healer) until we need healing,…. “The Lord Our Strength” until we exchange our weakness for His strength,,… “Lord” or “Adonai” until we obey Him,…..”Lord of Hosts” or “Jehovah Sabaoth” until we need help battling the devil and demons,…. and so on with all His other  names until the need arises for each aspect (form) of Himself to manifest.  Many will know God only as their savior, not understanding His ways and thoughts like Moses did. Others will know God as the gift-giver, the One Who baptizes them with the Holy Ghost and fire, but not as their Bridegroom. 

God’s dealings with Abraham, Issac, and Jacob were all different, and we see through them types and shadows of our spiritual journey-…. three steps/stages so to speak. I see the two men in my dream as representative of two workings of God’s nature in me with the first being “faith,” followed by “knowing.” I laid my head on “faith’s shoulder” showing I could rest now that I was in union with faith. Just as Issac comes after Abraham, the spirit of sonship which is a spirit of understanding comes after faith is established in us. In the book “Types in Genesis” that reveals deep mysteries, Andrew Jukes wrote: “When Isaac is come, we are no more under the schoolmaster, as servants or children, not knowing a fathers will; but as sons, and because we are, sons are led in the spirit of Sonship, into all knowledge and spiritual understanding, even till the full assurance of understanding, in the acknowledgment of the mystery of God, the father, and of Christ.” The author goes on to state that the blessing that God gave Issac was that he dwelt by the well of “Lahai-roi” which has the meaning of “the life of VISION.” There he was to live among and see unseen things. He wrote that “none dwell there but the pure in heart. None else see God, or the hidden things of God. Others will see the world, or themselves, or their own, or other sins, or even certain doctrines. But the pure in heart see God: and there beholding his glory, are changed, step-by-step into his image, to see as he sees things which eye hath not seen, even the things which the Spirit reveals to them who walk with God.”

Oh brethren, THIS is what is before us! In my dream, I was barefooted and had to have shoes before going through that dark door. When it’s time to go out into the world or through a trial, which I believe the dark door represents, our feet need to be clad with the gospel of peace…. Truly, we must be THOROUGHLY built up in the Word to be prepared for what’s coming. So you who read this, stay by the well of vision and drink in the depth of God’s Word. 

It’s time to see God!

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