The Safe Place

I heard the word “super glue” first thing in the morning. Have you got it? I wonder how many of us who are called to be “One” use this supernatural power to stick together no matter what. It takes God to accomplish this, eh? but we play a part:

I found it interesting that one of the roots in the etymology of “glue” was “birdlime,” a sticky substance to catch birds. Birds represent thoughts, and I believe the message from “birdlime” is to take every thought captive,…. to keep the good thoughts of love and union, and cast out every thought contrary to it. Truly, only those who love are going to be kept in this hour of temptation that is coming to try the whole world…. Only the ones who obey God’s command “Be ye perfect!” will be safe, like Noah, a just man who was perfect in his generation. (Genesis 6: 9) The Lord told him: “Come thou and all thy house into the ark (into the safe place) (Genesis 7: 1,) and we have a safe place, too!…. even the “secret place” of intimacy with God on the stairs to ascension.

The Apostle Paul clearly stated that the flesh was not who he was… He knew, and we also know after years of battling the flesh, that ONLY God’s life within us can overcome it, and that the only thing we can do is to expose ourselves to His abiding presence. Being perfect is connected to believing in and resting in the knowledge that the Spirit of law of life is setting us free from the law of sin and death. God doesn’t lie: This is a given! Look at King David who the Lord said was a man after His own heart…. Hey, David had a lot of flesh: Murder and adultery are no light matters, eh? Oh brethren, we’re told to judge NO MAN after the flesh,….ESPECIALLY ourselves. This does not mean that we’re not to examine our lives, but the key is not to come into condemnation for what we see, as we have absolutely no power in ourselves to change anything!

Can you believe that God says I am His “helium bride” (one raised up in unity with Him)? And He even told me: “You are love!” Say what?! Who and what am I going to believe?:… God or my reasoning mind? The Bible says that we are partakers of the divine nature by believing in His promises, and yesterday Philemon 1: 5,6 was brought to my attention which states that our faith becomes effectual by the acknowledging of every good thing which is in us in Christ Jesus. So tell me: Do ya have good things?! I know you do!

I confess to you that I have yet to obey God’s instruction to eat 60-70% of live foods as my diet. I have not liked myself because I have eaten what I’ve wanted far too often, and to add to this, I don’t read my bible enough, pray enough, and fast enough. Worse than what I don’t do, assumptions, presumptions and erroneous judgments are sometimes like wild horses on the run in my mind, and before I can stop them, there they come right out of my lips. “Oh wretched woman that I am!: Who shall deliver me?!” I do KNOW WHO!:….The One Who doesn’t condemn me-…. The One Who doesn’t remember my sins.

Oh precious brethren, when we sincerely want to please God and repent quickly for our sins and weaknesses, we are the Davids of this generation…. We are what God says we are, not condemned but “accepted in the beloved,” headed to becoming exactly like Him. How can it not be, when we have HIS head? So heads up now all you overcomers, and see that it’s not just time to enter the “Safe Place”…..

It’s time to stay there!

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  1. Many of us think that we are grown enough, but in reality, we are a work in progress. Who can really say that they have arrived? That’s why we call it a journey, even Abraham was a pilgrim. We just keep moving. God bless

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