A Twinkle Is Coming To Our Eye

I love mysteries, but not the kind that are in “Who done it” murder stories, but rather the kind that has “Who” in them, hidden in dark sayings, dreams and visions. When I heard the word “latchkey” and had a vision of a gold key that was being turned inside an eye, my heart and eyes were looking to behold the “Revealer” of its meaning,…. even the One Who hides Himself until the appointed time.

So often many of us get a word from the Holy Spirit, but then off we go to the Wizard of Oz-…. the who lives in our carnal mind. Example: Yesterday, I shared with you that I was being shown to lift my health up to the Lord, but today, did I relax and let God do what He was going to do? No! I got out my many books on healing, determined to put into practice every instruction in all of them. But hallelujah! Before I could look at even one of them, a little booklet called: “The Key To Everything” jumped out to my attention like a shooting star announcing: “The light has come!”

Now you who are reading this post: “Latch” onto the understanding revealed in this “eye-opening” book by Norman Grubb, which I believe is the gold key in my vision. This God-inspired author wrote: “Our basic function is simply to receive…. THEN, we move out into activity.” He emphasized that “we fail when we make activity a substitute for receptivity.” (So much for all those books I dragged out and all their formulas!)

The next turn of the key by Norman Grubb was that “self-improvement is both a sin and an impossibility!” Whew! When I read that and the word the following, it was like the whistle of a train going to the destination of “Whoo Whoo”! This that Norman wrote went deep into my inner being : “God showed Moses what humanity is meant to be: a common bush aflame with God, but the key is that ‘A MAN MUST BE COMMON FIRST.’ Moses, in his own opinion, had been a very uncommon royal bush.” So what about us?! How many of us think too much of ourselves? It’s called the pride of life, and so many of our trials come to get it out of us… That’s ALL of us, eh?

Another vital point made was that “our basic function is a constant recognition of the Lord, and once we have seen this, we can relax and let Him manifest as He pleases”.…. I believe that a major reason we have “dis-ease” is because we don’t relax…. How clear it is to me now that I don’t need all those books… I just need “to let go and let God” do what He will do.

Now hear this: When we relax and trust God to manifest Himself, “every problem then becomes an opportunity. Every tough spot becomes a chance to enjoy the luxury of seeing him deliver us out of it, and we WELCOME such spots.” These words of wisdom and understanding are not only to open our eyes, but to bring twinkles to them,….

Because don’t you know?: In the twinkling of an eye, we shall be changed!!

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