A Worshiping Body

Upon rising from a sound sleep this morning, I found myself singing an old song I knew years ago, but one of the words in it was changed. The original went like this: “I love you Lord, and I lift my voice to worship you,” and I was utterly surprised to hear myself singing: “I love you Lord, and I lift my HEALTH to worship you!” Who ever heard of such a thing? Evidently God! As I meditated on it, I could see that it more than makes sense. We are called to worship Him in Spirit and in TRUTH. The change of the word in the lyrics was letting me know that I was to glorify and worship God by speaking and proclaiming the truth concerning my health, praising God that the redemption of my body is drawing nigh.

This word was like God put holy spit on my eyes and high octane gas in the tank of my car. A car symbolizes a life or a ministry, and the first car I owned was a “Triumph Spitfire.” Truly, we triumph when we worship and love God,…. when we believe and proclaim His Word.

The words “lift up” in the song brought to mind that God has been calling me His “Helium Bride.” He did so two days ago again. Norene Nicholls wrote that helium “is the changing and lightening of the atoms within us, and as this takes place, the ALPHA RAYS shine forth, the HELIUM atoms are manifest. Helium is a very light substance, lighter than air which means it will defy gravity. As the ALPHA RAYS prefix our natural heritage or our father, the body is lightened making supernatural transportation possible. Like Phillip we will be carried by the spirit with no effort on our part. Thus the density passed on to us by our fathers and forefathers will have reached an end, and we become unfathered due to the pre-fixing ALPHA and makes us a new generation of beings.” Think of it: This is the destiny of all who overcome the world (the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life,) not due to our own power, but to the power of God’s Word. Christ shall be risen in us, and the kingdoms of this world shall become the kingdoms of our Lord. This will all take place within us. Hallelujah! Helium is going to be in our Triumph Spitfire bodies taking us places higher than those balloons Joe Biden shot down.

Some of you reading this post are probably wondering how it’s going to come about. I don’t know how, but a sign of it being near is the revival taking place in Asbury Kentucky right now that’s moving like wildfire. The name Asbury means “fortified place.”

In September of 1998, I was given the following dream: I was embracing a blonde, blue-eyed girl who was about 11 years old and I was exclaiming to some people standing by: “Her name is Myrrh-acle. Isn’t she beautiful?” She looked like both her mother and father, and I believe that this young girl represented my soul going through judgment (#11) to have both the father nature and mother nature that God has established in me-…. even the balance of nurturing, tender qualities and strong, authoritative ones. In order to rule in the kingdom, we must have myrrh (bitter) experiences to make our hearts better, and THEN after we’re “fortified,” “Myrrh-acle” shall be called “Miracle.”

At the time I had this dream I was going through a very fiery trial with my body in agonizing pain day and night. I knew the power of faith in God’s Word having been healed without surgery of a growth in my throat some years before, but not so concerning what I was dealing with then and I felt like a failure. A minister friend who I hadn’t heard from for months called and let me know that God had put me in His heart. When he prayed for me, he said that the Lord told him that I had the same spirit of Caleb. I cried in unbelief: “Caleb?! I feel more like one of the ten spies who didn’t make it into the promised land.”

John then gave me a word that encouraged me and strengthened me, saying: “Remember that Caleb had the faith to enter the land, but he COULDN’T until the old generation passed away and the new generation was made ready. Hey! Hey! Hey! A new generation of believers are on fire now in the “fortified place,”…. and they, and those of us like Joshua and Caleb, are going to have the promises fulfilled …. Yay, in THIS day of the reGENEration!

So get ready to rise, bride of Christ: We got what it takes-.… even helium!

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  1. I realized just now that I didn’t reply to your comment. Both “amen” (so be it!) and “hallelujah” are such powerful words! I highly recommend reading the “Hallelujah” series by Noreen Nicholls, as it’s quite an eye opener!

    Click to access Halleluyah_1.pdf

    Blessings and much, much love….. and THANKS! I so appreciate you.


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