One of my good friends recently shared that an old song had been playing and replaying in the battlefield of her mind called “The Anchor Holds”…. Yay, it’s the faith of God which doesn’t let go that’s keeping us,…. even words of life, prayers, revelations, dreams, visions, the stretched out love of brethren, and more. While I’m not yet out of the bottom of the chimney flute that I’ve been in, the Lord gave me a vision of a bride doing cartwheels. Oh yes, if God could open the Red Sea, if a child could be conceived by Sarah way past child-bearing age, if David could kill a giant with a single stone of a slingshot, if the dead could be raised and so many more miracles done, the bride doing cartwheels is a piece of cake…. And  “cake-manna” was given to me today as God led me to read an allegory I wrote some time ago. I hope butterfly kisses will bless your eyes and that your wings will take flight with your sight set on the goal written about in this post:

The Telos

All the worms of “Intentions for Self,” the greatest clan on earth, gathered together to crown a king. The monarch was to be one who had parents that fulfilled their duty of raising a proper child – “proper” meaning that the child had much personal attention, trained to be a dutiful citizen lifting up “Self.” No worm could be a head or sovereign without such training. And so it came to pass that one by the name of “Big Head” was chosen to become the ruler of the country called  “Self-Exultation.”

Watching the coronation with tears rolling down her face, was a small caterpillar who was without parents. She was raised with little or no training which was why she was called “Independent.”  The worms looked down on her and would have nothing to do with her, and so she spent her days wishing she could be like the family of “Intentions for Self.” She had no motivation because no one had encouraged her to find an occupation suitable to her character and dormant talents. She bemoaned the fact that she had no father and no blessings like all the other worms had. 

“Someday, I will be crowned,” she told  herself as she watched “Big Head” being crowned. “She remembered what her grandmother, “Law of Life,” prophesied to her-… how “Change,” her beloved godmother. would come at an appointed time and make everything new. “Independent” would become “New Life” in that hour and her purpose would be made known then. No struggle- no strife. She would just “BE,” and all the creative powers of heaven would be at her disposal. Before this could happen though, her name would have to be changed to “Dependence upon the Father.”

“Independent” cringed whenever she heard the word “Father.” The worms had fathers-… fathers who were known in all the land who gave each of their children “The Blessing.” These fathers never even noticed her much less thought of giving her a surrogate blessing. How “Independent”’s heart ached, seeing  herself naked and ashamed without a blessing. It seemed the day she dreamed of would never come, and why?- Because “Independent” believed a lie; She believed that she was deformed not realizing that whatever one believed inside would become apparent on the outside. When she was born, the “Great Fear” entered into her and said: “I will be your personality” and became so. So “Fear” ruled, speaking his thoughts every day, and “Independent” believed them to be her own for she had no father who could counteract them….  Only a father’s blessing and praise could do that. How “Independent” longed for a father.

Yet a change would draw near in an unexpected way through the arrival of “Son-Light.” “Come my Beloved. Come away with me,” He whispered in “Independent”’s ear. “Awaken to my inner call and dwell with me in my chamber of “Ease.” You have been in the bed of “Dis-ease” too long. “Independent” looked into “Son-Light”’s eyes and saw her own reflection in them. She didn’t like what she saw because she had many peculiar little legs that looked nothing like the other worms. Seeing those legs, she hated herself even more than she did before, for she did not like, nor could she accept being different.

Shining “Son-Light” ever so gently told her: “The Father- my Father and yours created you to be different. Come and feel my heart which is His heart and receive self acceptance. When “Independent” touched “Son-Light”’s heart, a warm sensation flowed all through her, taking the breath right out of her, and “New Breath,” a spirit substance became hers in that moment. “My heavens!” she exclaimed. Truly new heavens were hers. As she ascended into the first one, the angels cheered and said: “We are with you to bring you into the second and third heavens, but before we do, stay here and drink. A cloud with a cup of silvery white water appeared and gave her its drink. “Oh, oh! I am losing my mind,””Independent” cried.

“It’s the will of the Father,” they chimed in together. “The will of the Father is that the carnal mind be removed so that the mind of Christ can replace it.” Immediately, the Father’s face shone for a split second through the cloud called “GLORY-BE.” “Independent,” who was no longer “Independent,” but called “Changing Vessel,” cried out at the sight of Him who was and is the ruler of all the Universe. 

“Oh my Father, my Father!” she sobbed with the pain in her heart breaking it up into many pieces. Quickly, the “Sonata Doves” came with manna and gave it to her so that the broken pieces could mend and a new mind could then be formed within her.

“We’ve come to take you up into the second heaven along with the angels,” they told the recuperating one. So up she went as she was placed in “Eden’s Chariot” carried by the strength of the “Sonata Doves” and the angels. In the second Heaven, one whose name was Manasseh” appeared. I have come with the good news that you shall forget every pain and every heartache, especially your heartache of not having a father‘s love. Come! I and my brother “Ephraim” will bless you, for it is ours to give the blessing on behalf of the Father. Both “Ephraim” and “Manasseh” hugged “Changing Vessel,” becoming a part of her that she would never lose. Due to their impartation of life, “Changing Vessel” could come and go on earth and in the second heaven during her preparation time for entering into the third heaven. 

However, before entrance could be made and before she could have more than just a glimpse of her Father, “Fear” and “Deformity” would have to be overcome. “Deformity,” who had been with her since a child, was not ready to leave without a fight. “Ephraim” and “Manasseh”’s powers were not enough to dislodge him. “Changing Vessel” had often become discouraged by his presence, but even more so since he had moved into more of her body parts. What was she to do? She knew that the angels and the “Sonata Doves” were with her and that she had lost most of her independent spirit, but there was still a dark room in her heart that had never been opened to light-…. the room every man must go into to see the end of him/herself.

A foreboding feeling arose in “Changing Vessel” as she saw the sign “Meggido” written in bold red letters on the door. The word “Telos” was underneath it with a picture of a road very high up about three stories tall that had no grass or ground next to its edges- a very narrow road indeed. 

Before she could turn the knob of that ominous door, “Change,” her godmother,  appeared having the life-changing decree that needed to be made: “It is not by might, not by power, but by God’s Spirit that you shall overcome, little one… You shall have the victory for the Word of God has been spoken!” the beloved one proclaimed. Then “Change” waved her golden rod over her precious charge and planted the kiss of destiny on her forehead called “Election-Sure.”  As she disappeared back into the invisible realm, gold dust came forth out of her rod which covered the changing one with divine power to overcome.

“Changing Vessel” now made ready to face the unknown, opened the door with courage and immediately found herself in the middle of the door’s picture come to life She was on that very road which had its end cut off as well as its beginning with no turning back and no going forward for her.  

What would “Changing Vessel” see from that high cut off place where she could do nothing but look to God? What was the revelation that she needed to win the war over her flesh, …even the final battle over the man of sin (SELF) sitting on the throne ruling in her life? 

Truly, every one who serves self instead of being in the form of a servant is deformed…. Everyone who fears man instead of walking in the fear of God is bound and crippled by this. Ah, “Changing Vessel” could finally see it and as soon as she did, the mighty arm of God came powerfully to her, picking her up out of the place from which she could do nothing. His right hand miraculously became hers empowering her with full deliverance to remove all errors, hindrances, sins, faults and weaknesses in her. Hallelujah! The third heaven opened its gates wide to her with all in heaven singing and praising God for the victory that had been won.  

Look up with your spiritual eyes now and see the one called “New LIfe”- a beautiful, glorious butterfly at last with strong wings taking her to all the places she had ever dreamed of. Can you see her winging it in song, winging it in praise, and winging it in lasting love with all the other butterflies coming out of their long dark hours confined to the flesh?

Now you who are following in her footsteps: As you go into that room of your Meggido, what will you behold when your eyes are opened? Truly the hour is at hand for changing vessels to be vessels of honor with the name “New Life” written on their crowns.

Oh yes, cartwheels and wings are coming!

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    • Thank you for your blessings dearest Sherry and sending them to you, too. You make my wings feel like turbo jet’s!! Yes, when we love, we can ascend to the highest heights and I’m so thankful I have yours.
      Flappin’ and praisin’,

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