Love’s Shield

I saw a field with a huge golden shield lying in it. When the sun shined its rays on it, musical notes with a message in them were released from the shield: “Come,” it beckoned to all the people far and wide. “Come, take me as your own.” The musical notes had perfume in them and when they reached the individuals who could hear the message, the wonderful fragrance permeated them. It was this aroma that enabled those with a keen sense of smell, even great discernment, to find their way to the treasure in the field. 

The people who could not hear the message were deaf because they did not read the Holy Book and many of them had willfully shut their eyes and closed their ears when the “Epistles of Men” were sent to them. These were those who sat in darkness where no light could break through. The light that was in their hearts was but a flicker and unless a miracle was called forth by the bold ones who fasted and prayed, they would remain in darkness. 

Some of the ones who had the fragrance upon them began their journey to obtain the shield, but there were stumbling blocks along the way and many of them fell and never made it to the field even though the aroma of prayer covered them. The heart of “The Father” wept over these: They were the injured ones who couldn’t forgive. Others were ones who read the Book but hadn’t hid the Word in their hearts and because of that, they stumbled taking offense where there was no offense. 

The stumbling blocks were in all sizes and shapes, being tests that had to be passed they were suited for each individual. Because some lost the fear of the Lord that they once had, they did not greet others with a holy kiss. They thought they had a right to not honor those who they deemed were not worthy of honor. Some, because of the great gifts bestowed upon them, considered themselves better than others and were filled with pride. They too, stumbled because they forgot that only by grace had the gifts been given to them. These were ones who stole the glory from God thinking that they performed all the good works by their own power. Looking down on others and boasting in themselves were the great sins that prevented them from obtaining the prize and the life they desired. 

Many stumbled because they used their tongues too much, or did not keep their words being promise and covenant breakers, or used speech in other unlawful ways. All of the stumbling blocks had the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life in their make up and one could hardly walk where there were no stumbling blocks to trip over. 

The ones who finally made it to the field had stumbled a few times, but had always picked themselves up through calling on the name of the Lord and then quickly moving on. Because they did this, they were sealed with the word “Endurance” written on their foreheads. The biggest test they had before reaching the field was in facing the “Trial of the Hands.” Only clean hands and only the hands of love would be able to pick up the shield, and none could have them unless they had a pure heart. Who would have such wonderful hands?

How many know that their heart has to be circumcised? How many are willing to be persecuted, despised, and shamed, losing all they have for His sake? How many have not only forgiven everyone for every injury done to them, but have blessed those who hurt them and rendered good for evil?

Can you see the faithful and true ones picking up the golden shield that multiplies itself afresh after each one takes the shield for his own? If you can see the hands of love and purity, you can have them, too, for the gift of hunger will be given to you in envisioning it. Yay! Those that hunger after righteousness shall be filled!

Listen: That shield is the shield of faith that works by love. When this mighty shield is picked up by one who is pure and full of love it becomes like a second skin covering the whole being… No weapon formed can prevail against it. No man can come into perfection without it.

Will you pick it up?

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    • Thank you so much for such an encouraging comment. We all need words of encouragement as we go through our needed shakings, eh? God bless you for blessing me, dear Pedro. ❤️


  1. I am facing a cluster of evil doers right now. Thank you for the message. This is what I was searching for. I will pick it up.

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