A Sacred Place And Holy Union

“A man’s house is his castle.” James Otis

The Bible speaks of “unseemly” parts and says to give them honor. (1 Cor. 12: 23) God designed our sexual parts, did He not? There are some Christians that would tell us: “Don’t say the words “vagina” or “penis,” but these are the honorable names of the natural parts of the human body that represent the spiritual body of Christ, and they have something to reveal to us: Every part does! Were it up to some holier-than-thou Christians, they would not have included the Bible’s stories of Noah’s daughters seducing him, King David committing adultery, Tamar disguising herself as a prostitute, Amnon raping his sister Tamar, the wicked men in Sodom and Gomorrah who would have sodomized the angels and more. God had no problem putting these narratives in His HOLY Word, did He? Will you accuse Him for it as some have done to me for simply saying that there are spiritual revelations to be known concerning these stories, concerning sex,…. concerning everything. They are all types and shadows of spiritual realities, and yay, there’s much wisdom and knowledge to be gained in seeking the Lord to reveal His mind about “sex.”

So let the pure mind of Christ reign in you as you read the dream I had this week. GOD was the One Who gave it to me and when you understand what it means, you will not say it came because I ate pizza before going to bed. So come now: Read and learn the mysteries that have been concealed until “the time that the bride hath made herself ready.”

In this very unusual dream, my vagina which had mist covering it, was revealed as a three story house, and I was at the very bottom of a very dark chimney flue. I could see the sky at the top of it and I knew I had to go up to get out “in the open.” There was nothing on the sides of that flue for my hands to pull myself up by or grooves to put my feet in and I was frightened as there was no way out.

At the end of the dream, two young brothers that I know were standing next to me and the one whose name was “Hunter” said: “I can’t help you because I am not protected, but YOU ARE”!

Before I tell you what I have been shown, I want to share words I was given before I got out of bed this morning. I was contemplating the internal works of God, and the word “miraculous endeavors” popped into my mind like a rabbit coming out of its hole into the light. “These are such!” the Spirit of the Lord said, referring to His internal workings, and then came His proclamation: “You are entering a new day!” 

So let’s begin by remembering that God’s house is “a house of prayer” in which we have communion/intercourse with Him,….. that the kingdom (rulership) of God is WITHIN, …. that our body is His temple,….that the three stories are the workings of the Feast of Passover, the Feast of Pentecost and the Feast of Tabernacles, …. and that we must have all three of them spiritually established IN us.

“Endeavor” means “pains taken to attain an object,” which I see the chimney in my dream representing. Its etymology is “furnace….. a smoke vent of a fireplace for smoke to escape to the open air.” Oh yes, we are tested in the furnace of affliction (Isaiah 48: 10) and have to come THROUGH it to learn many things, one of which is how to channel anger (smoke) rightly.

The two young men represent those who have experienced the Feast of Passover who are children in the Spirit and the Feast of Pentecost (young men) but NOT the Feast of Tabernacles (fathers.) It is only when we grow up into the full measure of the stature of Christ that we can go on into perfection (the new day “in the open.”) There were two men mentioned in the Bible who were hunters: One was Esau who represents the flesh and the other was Nimrod who represents rebellion having a name that means it. He was the one who built the tower of Babel, a type and shadow of Babylon, and was king of Shinar. What amazing revelation there is in the name Shinar: “cast out a breach” and “that which is young.” It has a root meaning: “expresses intense negative emotion and the experience of violence,” with another root being “to growl, shake, or be young.” Indeed, it symbolizes one who remains in Pentecost (still under the teachings of Babylon, having wrath/ unrighteous anger, with a whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on.) These are like King Saul walking in the mixture of flesh and spirit, not fulfilling all that God has commanded them to do.

Great tribulation as the world has never known is upon us in this day and no one who is disobedient is going to be “protected.” Many claim the Word written in Psalm 91 for themselves, not realizing that dwelling in “the secret place” (the place of intimacy-…. the holy of holies) is the prerequisite for having all those promises in this psalm realized.

Those who know only the Bible’s elementary teachings and doctrines can not help us with their knowledge and it is impossible to come into perfection by our own self-effort. Only direct communication (intercourse) with the Lord can. Knowing this, I cried out: “Come Lord Jesus!” Come!” and He responded with one word: “Belonging!!” I didn’t understand how it could be relevant, but in my seeking Him to give me a deeper revelation than what I had, a word I discovered online put it in a divine nutshell for me: John O’Donohue said: “Belonging is the heart and warmth of INTIMACY…. It is the total gift that every moment of your life “endeavors” to receive with honor. True belonging is gracious receptivity.”

What could be better?!

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