Time To Clean House

Do you have people in your life that hatch cockatrice eggs, and weave spider’s webs,…. people with hands defiled with blood having fingers of iniquity who try to  entangle you with lies,….. people whose tongues mutter perverseness and conceive mischief? Who doesn’t, eh? They dwell among us, but God’s people are growing up in their midst and will not be tricked by them when they are perfected. In our younger days when we didn’t know how to use authority, many of us were deceived into thinking that we were to help them and allowed them to use us, but hallelujah, discernment is rising up with her wisdom now to reveal the ones who can be helped and those who can’t. 

Two nights ago I was given a dream in which a woman was cleaning an old house that was all wood. She was meticulously going into every nook and cranny of it, getting rid of all the spider webs. Her last place to thoroughly clean was a closet that had spiders, webs and cockatice eggs on the top shelf. 

In the next scene, the woman entered a van from the passenger side to cross over to the driver’s side, but before she made it to the driver’s seat, a huge man suddenly assaulted her springing on top of her body as though to rape her. 

I had no idea of why the dream was given to me until I got a text from someone who for most of his life has been a con guy. I have no words to describe the trouble, vexation of spirit…. even calamity that he has brought to everyone that has known him. I thought when he contacted me some months ago telling me that he had experienced some deliverance that there was hope for him and I let him back into my life. Not good!

Yes, we’re to love people and to do all God shows us to do for them, crying out in prayer for their souls to be saved… They are to be given space to change, but if they don’t, my Italian grandmother used to say: “Botavia” (sp?) which means “Get rid of it!” in this case, get the person out! People who use and abuse us,…. people who try to force their wills on us which rape symbolizes, are NOT to remain in our lives. Jesus Himself said: “Depart from me!” to those who did not do His will!”

When I thought about the woman cleaning out the cocatrice eggs, the scripture in Isaiah 59: 5 came to mind about how the wicked “hatch cockatrice eggs and weave spider webs.” I didn’t know how I knew the eggs in the dream were cockatrice eggs or even what a cockatrice was, but the message I was to receive from the Lord through this dream came when I learned about the “cockatrice,” which in classical writing was an Egyptian animal that tracks down and kills. My “aha” moment came when I read that it was fabled to kill by its glance and could only be slain by tricking it into seeing its own reflection. 

Hear it: The carnal man can only die by seeing what he is. Jesus wasn’t venting when He called out the hypocrites for what they were: “vipers, serpents, white washed tombs,” and more. His words and our words were light exposing them (Ephesians 5: 11-13) and the Bible states that His Word does not come back void.

Brethren: We are to be like Jesus and tell it like it is. Some of the ones we reprove (not in the wrath of man but in righteous anger) will not be able to get away from our words and will repent. Others will have their conscience seared with a hot iron, but no matter which way it turns out, we will be like that woman who was cleaning house in my dream. Oh yes, the house,…. even our family line shall be cleansed by the Word. So come on: Let’s proclaim words that are like suns ablaze and go slay those wicked creatures.

It’s THEN that we shall fulfill our destinies and cross over from the passenger (passive) side of life to being in the driver’s seat! Hallelujah!

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  1. When you got that text from that man, did you also get a red flag? I believe that all men need to be ministered to, but your safety is important to God, leave that in His hands to put someone else in that man’s life. There shouldn’t be any obligation on your part to let someone into your life that could potentially hurt you, or burden you beyond praying for them. You had that dream before the text came. Take it to the Lord in prayer before responding. Build a hedge sister, God bless you.


    • You have much wisdom my brother, and I appreciate your taking your valuable time to reply with this comment. Actually the red flag came on the evening I had a phone conversation with Will (not his real name) BEFORE I had the dream. I found myself cold as an iceberg all during the time we talked and it shocked me. I asked the Lord “Why?” as I am not a hard-hearted person and have never had an experience like that before. Then I had the dream, but I didn’t connect it with Will until he sent me the text. I have no doubt that the man who assaulted the women in the dream is a type and shadow of one driven only by his desires, who tries to force his will on people -…. a picture of Will. I have spoken to him with love many times about the Lord, Pedro, and feel only to pray for him now if and when God leads as I have prayed for Will many, many years.
      Thank you for your love and concern in reaching out to me. I pray that God will bless you mightily and the seasoned ministry He has given to you.

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      • Great to hear, then the dream was a confirmation. I know, or knew a similar person who used his size and intimidation to impose on others for his way. Perhaps it is for my observation as well. Thank you for sharing your dream, they speak to more people than you know. God bless you as well

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